Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The 16 Fronts of Engagement to Save America: 2024 is the Year Americans Must Defeat the Enemy’s Demolition Plan

The 16 Fronts of Engagement to Save America:
2024 is the year Americans must defeat the enemy’s demolition plan.
This new year Americans need to think differently about their personal goals because the country that makes their aspirations possible is in a late stage of a planned and controlled demolition. There are two primary impediments to people fully recognizing and doing what is necessary to save their country. First, there is the normalcy bias, which is the tendency to assume the future will be an extension of the past. Second, there is a tendency to avoid discomfort and pain and live in denial of very real problems.
What is difficult for many to understand is that America is being destroyed from within by elites in and out of government. So, for those whose normalcy bias is strong or others with a tendency live in denial, let us review the sixteen components of internal demolition currently taking place in the United States:
[1] The Biden administration’s open border policy has unlocked the floodgates of a replacement migration, which displaces existing American citizens from access to jobs, housing, healthcare facilities and schools. Massive in-migration also changes demographics, voting patterns and electoral outcomes.

[2] The foundational rights of America such as life, liberty, individual responsibility, and property—already weakened by decades of public-school and media indoctrination—are now facing frontal assault and subversion from cultural Marxism engendering entitlement, rewriting American history and destroying historic monuments.
Let there be no mistake, a country without borders and without respect for its heritage is no longer a country. But there is a lot more:
[3] The marginalization of religion and morality that has undermined the nuclear family has also contributed to the atomization and disassociated behavior among younger generations of Americans, making them ill-equipped for present challenges and successful family formation.

[4] The removal of religion and belief in God from American schools and cultural institutions, and replacement with secular progressive creeds—notably cultural Marxism—has brought about a society characterized by people of weaker individual character and a society characterized by division and frayed social and political fabric.

[5] The ongoing sexual revolution, which has gone beyond same sex relationships to embrace the normalization of Transgenderism, has brought about mass confusion, high suicide rates, and the undermining of many women’s sports—all a consequence of disassociating with natural God-given identity.

[6] The ever-expansion of class warfare at all levels of society, which is the main thrust and contribution of cultural Marxism, undermines the ability of government to function and brings us ever closer to political and economic collapse. The most recent form of class warfare is the planned mass outbreak of anti-Semitism that has brought violence and disruption to major universities across the U.S.
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