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No Retreat, UKR Employs Calculated Withdrawal Strategy to Exhaust RU Forces; UKR Reinforces Defenses in Avdiivka Area; NATO/EU Members Consider Sending Eroops to UKR; 95 Combat Engagements, RU Loses: 2 Air-Def Sys, 13 Tanks, 880 Soldiers -Last Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Photo:REUTERS/Yevhen Titov
No retreat, Ukrainian troops employ calculated withdrawal strategy to exhaust Russian forces:
The Ukrainian forces’ withdrawal from Lastochkyne near Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast, is a strategic move that aids in wearing down Russian troops, Serhiy Tsekhotskyi of the Yakov Handzyuk 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade said in an interview with Radio Svoboda on Feb. 26.
“There is no retreat of our troops,” Tsekhotskyi stated confidently.
“There is a strategic and calculated withdrawal to exhaust the enemy. While the enemy advances, we are actively engaging and decimating them (Russian troops) in large numbers, including equipment. This tactical approach to warfare is proving effective. There is no need to panic.”
Tsekhotskyi emphasized the paramount importance of preserving the lives of soldiers. The Ukrainian military will continue to destroy the Russian army.
“Lastochkyne is our settlement, it is our land,” he affirmed.
“But it is more important to win this war, rather than to sacrifice thousands of people there, as was done in Avdiivka.”
Regarding defensive preparations on the Avdiivka front, Tsekhotskyi assured that Ukrainian forces are actively engaged in arranging defensive positions and reserve routes.
“Claims of inadequate preparations are baseless,” he emphasized.
“Special services are actively involved, and local administration is providing assistance.”
Despite heightened assault actions by the Russian army in the Avdiivka sector, Tsekhotskyi asserted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces possess the resources for defense.
“We have resources, but they fall short of our ideal quantity,” Tsekhotskyi admitted.
“The enemy’s assaults have increased significantly. In the last day alone, 17 assaults targeted our brigade’s positions. Something is driving them; they understand we are strengthening our forces.” --->READ MORE HERE
Ukrainian army reinforces defenses in Avdiivka area — commander:
The Ukrainian military is strengthening its defenses in the Avdiivka sector. In particular, this includes the defense of settlements located west of Avdiivka
Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, commander of the Tavria operational and strategic group of troops, reported this on his Telegram channel.
"In the Avdiivka sector, we are strengthening the defense line and organizing the defense of settlements west of Avdiivka to prevent further Russian advance and inflict maximum losses," he said.
Russian attacks
The Russian forces are increasing the number of air strikes (45 over the last day) and assault operations (72 combat engagements - the most in the last two weeks) in the operational area of the Tavria operational and strategic grouping of troops. Russian aggressor also carried out 897 artillery attacks and 83 'kamikaze' drone strikes.
"In the Marinka sector alone, the enemy tried to break through the defenses of our troops 40 times. Near Avdiivka - 25 times, in Zaporizhzhia region - 6 times," the general added.
Russian losses in the Tavria sector
Across the entire operational area of the Tavria Joint Forces Operation, total Russian losses (killed and wounded) yesterday amounted to 447 people. The vast majority of them took place in Donetsk region and near Avdiivka.
Russian enemy's losses in weapons and military equipment amounted to 62 units, not including 266 UAVs. In particular, 13 tanks, 32 armoured personnel carriers, 2 artillery systems and 15 vehicles were destroyed or damaged. One enemy ammunition depot was also destroyed. --->READ MORE HERE
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