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Moscow’s ‘meat wave’ Tactic Litters UKR Battlefield with Frozen Corpses of RU Troops; UKR Has Effective Long-Range Weapons; UKR Drones Hit RU Military Targets in Occupied Territories; RU Loses: 11 Tanks, 830 Soldiers, 21 Art Systs in 1 Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Moscow’s ‘meat wave’ tactic litters Ukraine battlefield with frozen corpses of Russian troops:
Russia is using a “meat wave” strategy that sends scores of poorly trained soldiers to die on the front lines against Ukraine to clear a path for the Kremlin’s more valuable elite units — then abandons their frozen corpses on the battlefield.
A Ukrainian sniper stationed in Avdiivka, which has seen some of the most intense fighting in the war, recently said the Kremlin’s tactic sends its troops out to “just go and die,” CNN reported.
The special-forces officer, only identified by his callsign, “Bess,” told the outlet that once the gunfire and drone strikes end, the bodies of the dead Russian soldiers “just lie there frozen.
“Nobody evacuates them, nobody takes them away,” he said. “It feels like people don’t have a specific task, they just go and die.”
Despite appearing to suffer heavy losses, the Russian army is still making steady progress in Avdiivka and elsewhere by overwhelming Ukrainian forces through sheer numbers before the Kremlin’s elite paratroopers and marines arrive for the final push in the heated battles.
The tactic is not without its detractors. The Ukrainian Post reported last week that the more elite Kremlin troops who follow the “meat waves” are opposing the strategy over concerns of mass Russian deaths.
More than 100 relatives of Russian soldiers also opposed the tactic, penning a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin last month after orders were issued to redeploy injured soldiers to the fight in Avdiivka, according to Important Stories, an independent Russian news outlet. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine's Armed Forces have effective long-range weapons - Defense Express
Defense Express development director Valerii Riabykh says that the war is entering a different stage of combat operations
He said this on Espreso TV
"A series of long-range strikes on infrastructure facilities near St. Petersburg indicates that the Ukrainian forces have effective long-range weapons at their disposal. One should note that the distance to the target in a straight line is between 700 and 900 km. In order to bypass Russian air defense nodes and various dangerous directions, such a trajectory should be about 1,200 km," explained Riabykh.
According to the military expert, Ukraine already has long-range weapons that can bypass air defense systems and hit Russian targets.
"Namely, energy infrastructure facilities used by the enemy to provide the invading forces with fuel and lubricants. To carry out economic activities to escalate the aggressive war against Ukraine. We are already at another stage of the war. Russians who adore Putin can already observe the results of his policy directly from their windows, far from the front line," emphasized Riabykh.
  • On the night of January 20-21, the Russian Defense Ministry announced an attack by Ukrainian UAVs on three regions of the Russian Federation. Explosions occurred in Tula, Oryol, and Smolensk. A terminal of the Novatek gas company caught fire in the port of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region, and Ukrainian intelligence services confirmed an attack on a military plant in Tula that produces Pantsir-S and Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile systems. 
  • A report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) says that Russian air defense is poorly covering the Leningrad region, especially against attacks from the south, because it is not set up to repel attacks from Ukraine. --->READ MORE HERE
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