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Massachusetts Officials Pleading with Private Homeowners to Take in Illegal Aliens; Governor Healey's Call to Action Urging Residents to Open Homes to Migrants; Elon Musk Warns Migrants are ‘coming for your homes’ After NYC Kids Forced Out of Classroom

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Massachusetts Officials Pleading with Private Homeowners to Take in Illegal Aliens:
The state of Massachusetts is asking private homeowners to take in illegal aliens as the state runs out of room to house the thousands of border crossers who are still flooding into the Bay State.
Massachusetts is the only state that has a state-wide “right to housing” rule for homeless families. And with that rule in mind, Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) has repeatedly asked legal residents to open up their homes to illegal immigrants for whom officials are having a hard time finding beds.
Healey declared a “state of emergency” over the influx of illegal aliens in August, saying in her declaration, “There are currently nearly 5,600 families or more than 20,000 individuals in state shelter, including children and pregnant women.”
One solution Healey and her allies have suggested is housing migrants in private homes.
Days after Healey’s declaration, Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll (D) told the state, “Most importantly, if you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family. Housing and shelter is our most pressing need and become a sponsor family.”
The state is currently housing more than 1,400 families in 40 hotels in 28 cities around the state at taxpayer expense — and free for the illegal aliens. According to FAIR, the average stay for these families is 14 months of free room and board.
Now it looks as though the state is reaching out to non-governmental groups to step up the pressure on homeowners to take in migrants.
A group called Immigrant Support Alliance is holding seminars to help inform residents about bringing illegal immigrants into their homes to act as a “host home.” The next event is set to be held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no less. --->READ MORE HERE
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Governor Healey's Call to Action Urging Residents to Open Homes to Migrants:
Covering the evolving migrant crisis in the United States, I've observed two distinct yet interconnected stories unfold - one in Massachusetts and another in New York City, both highlighting different facets of this complex issue.
In Massachusetts, Governor Maura Healey's response to the migrant situation has been particularly notable. Understanding the urgency, she asked residents to consider hosting migrant families voluntarily. This was in response to the state's shelters reaching full capacity, a situation mirroring the broader migrant crisis in the country.
It was an 80% increase from the previous year, with approximately 5,600 families in need of shelter. Despite the state's right-to-shelter law and a significant financial commitment of about $45 million per month, the resources were still stretched thin.
Elon Musk Sounds the Alarm: The Ripple Effects of Migrant Accommodation in NYC Schools
On the other side, in New York City, Elon Musk's remarks painted a dire picture of the migrant crisis's local impacts. He commented on a situation in Brooklyn where students were reportedly displaced from their school for asylum seekers to use the gym.
Musk warned, “This is what happens when you run out of hotel rooms. Soon, cities will run out of schools to vacate. Then they will come for your homes.” This statement, although stark, underscored the strain on public resources and infrastructure due to the influx of migrants. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Elon Musk warns migrants are ‘coming for your homes’ after NYC kids forced out of classroom+++++

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