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Stop Lecturing Us On Palestinian Civilians: Who's Really Responsible for Civilian Casualties; Who are the Innocent Palestinians?

Stop Lecturing Us on Palestinian Civilians:
Who's really responsible for civilian casualties?
A day does not go by without some politician or talking head demanding that Israel worry about killing fewer Palestinian civilians. Sorry, while we do not wish for human suffering, the Palestinians have brought upon themselves everything they are currently suffering.
You live in Chicago and you’re in the kitchen making a steak. The TV in the background is blurting out the news. Suddenly, there is a news flash. “A jumbo jet with over 300 people has crashed into multiple residential buildings. Details to come.” You stop what you’re doing and wait for the report to continue. Let’s imagine two scenarios:
1. The crash was in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.
2. The crash was in Chicago, a few blocks from your kids’ school.
In the first instance, you would feel bad for those killed and wounded, but you would probably go back to making dinner and think no more about the event. In the second case, you would frantically start making phone calls and probably rush out of the house to see if your kids are okay and if anyone you know was harmed.
Such a reaction is normal. Professor Mike Sandel of Harvard is a bigshot. When I had his course on Moral Reasoning 40 years ago, he was an assistant professor. Professor Sandel had a theory of “justice” that involved a person having concentric rings of interests and connections: family, job, country, religion, etc. These rings move according to the situation at hand. An example he brought forth back in the day was Mujaheddin from Afghanistan asking you if you were a freedom-loving person. The response was ‘Yes, I am.’ He’d then counter, ‘So come fight with us against the Soviets!’ But the natural response was, ‘Well, my family, country and job come before my ring for foreign freedom lovers, so sorry guys.’
We all feel closer to some than to others. And sometimes a religious obligation trumps work, or work trumps a family event. That is normal. But every night for the past six weeks we have been treated to some news host, or even Kamala Harris, demanding that Israel be more careful and invent bullets and bombs that can only kill card-carrying Hamas members. I will not deny that the Palestinian people in Gaza are suffering. One can see the destroyed buildings, their moving south with their belongings and the taking apart of aid trucks out of desperation. The IDF today estimated 2 civilian shields killed for every Hamas terrorist. While the Palestinians are suffering, they alone are responsible for their plight: --->READ MORE HERE
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images
Who are the innocent Palestinians?:
A recent poll by the Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD) painted a vivid picture of who the innocent Palestinian Arabs are. The current situation begs the question as to whether anyone in the world actually cares about the well being of Palestinian Arabs, or if this is just a cover for antisemites to find an excuse to blame Israel again and again.
A wartime poll was conducted between October 31 and November 7, 2023, among 668 people in the Palestinian Authority including Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).
So, who are the innocent Palestinian Arabs?
The poll shows that Palestinian Arabs roundly support terror against Israel, reject peace with Israel, and deny Israel’s very right to exist.
To its credit, ARWAD actually published these results. They did so with no shame. But they should be ashamed, for their society and everything it says about the century-long dehumanization of Jews and delegitimization of Israel. Maybe it depicts their desire to portray this reality in the hope that there will be change. However, as deep as the hostility to Israel is, it’s hard to imagine even a handful of righteous people looking to change their society rather than celebrate its deeply rooted evil.
The AWRAD poll depicts widespread hostility, hatred, and legitimization of terror. It did not start just because of the war, and certainly not as a response to the horrific October 7 massacre against Israel. It shows that innocent Palestinian Arabs celebrate it. These results are the product of hateful incitement against Israel from long before the advent of the Palestinian Authority in the 1990s.
The results must be a wake-up call for Israel, the broader world, and anyone in the international community who truly seeks peace in the Middle East. It underscores that the worn-out paradigms of the past are invalid and the world needs to look through the prism of helping to resolve a problem based on reality, not how people want to think the world ought to be.
The poll’s overall results indicate that an overwhelming percentage of Palestinian Arabs: --->READ MORE HERE
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