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Biden’s 2024 Problem: Voters Say His Policies Hurt Them; Biden Polls Lower than any President in Over 40 Years with Two-Thirds of Americans Saying Economy Getting Worse; As Bidenomics Screws the Private Sector, Biden Gives Federal Workers Big Raise

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Biden’s 2024 Problem: Voters Say His Policies Hurt Them:
Robert Gilbert is fed up with high prices for groceries and other necessities, and he has giving up hope that President Biden can help.
“I don’t think he has really done much for us, nothing that benefits me really,” said Gilbert, 65 years old, a retiree living on a fixed income in Fenton, Mo. He voted for Biden in 2020, but doesn’t think he will support him again.
Gilbert isn’t a fan of Donald Trump either, but he felt that the economy was better when Trump was in office. “I think Trump did a pretty good job if he shut his mouth,” said Gilbert, who is considering voting for a third-party candidate next year.
More than half the country now thinks Biden’s policies have done them harm and nearly as many voters think Trump’s policies helped them, a foreboding sign for the incumbent heading into a likely rematch with his 2020 foe.
For Biden, the finding in a recent Wall Street Journal poll offers a stark explanation of why support from those who helped put him in office is waning. It also illustrates why Democrats are increasingly worried about his prospects, even against an unpopular Republican opponent with whom Biden hopes to draw a contrast.
Voters across the political spectrum single out inflation and high prices as a chief complaint about Biden’s presidency, but some also are upset with his broader record on domestic and foreign policy. Many voters couldn’t cite specific Biden administration policies they disliked, but instead channeled a pervasive malaise in the country that they said was difficult to pin down. Several said they were considering supporting an alternative to either party’s front-runner or not voting at all.
In interviews with voters, what’s striking is that the frustration is coming from all sides of the coalition that put Biden in the White House.
Liberal voters are angry about Biden’s approach to Israel’s war in Gaza, and complain that he hasn’t done enough to enact the progressive policies he laid out during the 2020 campaign, including large-scale student loan forgiveness. Centrist voters want him to do more to secure the border, while left-leaning voters think his immigration policies have moved too far to the right.
Among Democrats and independents who lean that way, 45% say Biden’s policies hurt them personally or had no impact on them, according to the Journal poll. Among voters overall, 53% of voters said Biden’s policies hurt them, and less than a quarter—23%— said they were helped by his policies. Some 49% of voters said Trump’s policies personally helped them, while just 37% said they hurt them. READ MORE HERE
Biden polls lower than any president in over 40 years with two-thirds of Americans saying economy getting worse:
President Biden will be ready to ring in the new year after seeing these numbers.
The 81-year-old commander-in-chief ends 2023 with a lower approval rating than any of his seven predecessors at a similar point in their first term, according to a new Gallup poll.
Biden, the oldest-over president, will head into 2024 with just 39% of Americans liking his job performance — a slight increase from the 37% he received in October and November, but still below the ratings of every chief executive at the end of their third year in office since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.
Former President George W. Bush had the highest near-midterm approval rating, with 58% of Americans approving of his job performance in December 2003 following the capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Carter and Ronald Reagan each had 54% approval ratings in December 1979 and 1983, respectively — though only Reagan secured re-election the following year as Carter’s administration was shattered by ongoing economic problems and the Iran hostage crisis.
George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton each recorded a 51% approval rating in the Gallup surveys for December 1991 and 1995, respectively — though again, only Clinton was able to win a second term.
More recently, former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama scored below 50% with their job approval entering their re-election years, with the former at 45% in December 2019 and the latter at 43% in December 2011.
Biden’s low numbers are fueled by four in five US adults rating the nation’s economy as fair (33%) or poor (45%). Just 3% said economic conditions were excellent and 19% said they were good. --->READ MORE HERE
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