Wednesday, December 13, 2023

NY GOP Pols Claim ‘smoking gun’ in Alleged Migrant Voter Fraud Scam; New York Congresswoman Sounds Alarm Over Possible Voter Registration of Noncitizens

NY GOP pols claim ‘smoking gun’ in alleged migrant voter fraud scaml
Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) on Sunday accused New York City of trying to stack voter rolls by trying to illegally register migrants housed at a Staten Island shelter to cast ballots in the upcoming elections.
Malliotakis, joined by four other Staten Island Republicans, claimed a city contract with a nonprofit hired to run the shelter includes a stipulation that voter registration forms are to be distributed to asylum seekers staying there — which they called both unlawful and underhanded.
“On page 50 of this contract, there is an entire section dedicated to voter registration,” the congresswoman said at a press conference near the former Island Shores Senior Residences, now a migrant shelter.
“We believe this is the smoking gun that proves what we’ve been saying all along — that the city intends to register non-citizens to vote.”
At issue is the city’s contract with the organization Homes for the Homeless to operate the shelter at the site of the shuttered nursing home on Father Capodanno Boulevard in Midland Beach.
The contract, which Malliotakis said was obtained via a state Freedom of Information Law request, includes a stipulation that the nonprofit, in accordance with the New York City charter, “shall provide and distribute voter registration forms to all persons,” with the forms to be made available in Spanish and Chinese. --->READ MORE HERE
New York congresswoman sounds alarm over possible voter registration of noncitizens
Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) joined local officials to sound the alarm on a New York City contract stipulation she said could lead to the voter registration of thousands of noncitizens.
The contract is between New York City and Homes for the Homeless, which described itself as a shelter providing services to families in New York City. Malliotakis said Homes for the Homeless also operates a migrant shelter on Father Capodanno Boulevard on Staten Island where a retirement home used to operate.
The congresswoman said a page in the contract required the group to distribute voter registration information to people it was in regular contact with, and she said those people included illegal immigrants.
“The City is requiring migrant shelter contractors to distribute voter registration cards, assist migrants in registering to vote, and promote campaign material within the shelters themselves,” Malliotakis said in a press release.
"There is nothing more important than preserving the integrity of our election system," she said. "The right to vote is a sacred right given only to United States citizens, and certainly not one provided to those who crossed over our border illegally and made their way to New York City last month.”
The Department of Social Services rejected Malliotakis's notion.
“These allegations are false and baseless. DHS is legally required to include language around voter registration in shelter contracts and this guidance applies only to eligible clients who are citizens, and would clearly not apply to asylum seekers in shelter," a social services spokesperson said. --->READ MORE HERE
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