Saturday, December 9, 2023

Biden Admin Closes Legal Border Crossing Points While Thousands of Migrants Enter U.S. Illegally; Joe Biden Wants to Hoover in Migrants Even Faster — So He’s Closing LEGAL Crossings

File Photos: Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas
Biden Admin Closes Legal Border Crossing Points While Thousands of Migrants Enter U.S. Illegally:
The Biden administration’s solution to thousands of migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border between ports of entry is to close legal border crossing points. The administration closed legal border crossing points in Texas and Arizona to divert manpower to process migrants making illegal entry into the U.S. more quickly.
Independent journalists posted videos of migrants crossing the border from Coahuila, Mexico, into Eagle Pass, Texas by the hundreds.
This is just one of the large contingents of migrants that crossed into Eagle Pass this afternoon.
While the international bridge remains closed for legal crossings.

— Efraín González (@efraiinGzz) November 29, 2023
One video by Efrain González, shot from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande, shows a large group of migrants who successfully crossed the Rio Grande. The migrants are marched to an outdoor processing center before being transported by Border Patrol.
A video by Auden B. Cabello shows a group of migrant families, including small children, using a rope to steady themselves as they move through the swiftly flowing currents of the Rio Grande to make entry into Texas. --->READ MORE HERE
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Joe Biden wants to hoover in migrants even faster — so he’s closing LEGAL crossings;
President Biden’s rush to hoover in migrants as fast as possible grows wackier by the day: His team is now actually closing legal border crossings to redirect agents to waving in illegal entrants.
On Monday, officials closed an international bridge at the Eagle Pass, Texas, border station and another at Lukeville, Ariz., to free up “personnel to assist the US Border Patrol with taking migrants into custody,” per Customs and Border Protection.
And in a sector that covers most of the Arizona-Mexico border, other workers were shifted to address “the unprecedented flow” of migrants, explained sector boss John Modlin: “All available personnel are needed.”
Again, taking these illegal migrants into “custody” mainly means doing some paperwork before releasing them into the interior with orders to show up somewhere else at some later time — with no effective way to ensure they’re ever heard from again.
This strategy fits well with President Biden’s demand that his Ukraine-and-Israel-aid bill include $14 billion for “border operations” to ease this “processing.”
That is, not to block migrants from entering, but to “accommodate” them even faster. --->READ MORE HERE
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