Friday, November 24, 2023

Trump Poll Lead Expands With Biden Losing Black, Hispanic Support; New Emerson Poll: Trump Extends Lead Over Biden By 4 Points

Trump poll lead expands with Biden losing black, Hispanic support:
Former President Donald Trump’s polling lead over President Biden is growing — with a new survey finding the Republican on top by 4% nationally, boosted by a dramatic one-year swing in black and Hispanic support.
The latest poll by Emerson College, released Wednesday, finds Trump leading 47% to 43% — with Biden’s edge among historically Democrat-supporting minority groups dropping significantly in just one year.
The 81-year-old incumbent’s lead among Hispanic voters narrowed to 3%, down from 14% in an Emerson poll last November — an 11 percentage-point shift.
Biden’s lead among African Americans was a still-substantial 47%, but down 15 percentage points from this time last year.
Other recent national polls have found Biden slipping badly among minority groups — including a New York Times poll of six swing states earlier this month that found the 77-year-old ex-president leading in five of them, propelled by Biden’s support among nonwhites falling 33% from exit polls in 2020.
Trump’s support among black voters, meanwhile, had grown 22% since 2020, the Times poll found.
It’s unclear what’s behind the dramatic swing in support among minorities, though polls have consistently shown that economic concerns — including inflation and high interest rates — are the leading issue for voters.
In 2020, Biden defeated Trump by 4.5% in the popular vote, though he won by much narrower margins in the swing states that secured him victory in the Electoral College. --->READ MORE HERE
New Emerson Poll: Trump Extends Lead Over Biden By 4 Points:
Former President Donald Trump has extended his growing lead over President Joe Biden as a presidential rematch appears likely in 2024, according to a new poll.
Emerson College released a new survey on Wednesday showing the Republican frontrunner with a 4% lead over Biden in a head-to-head matchup. Trump maintained his 47% support while Biden’s support feel from 45% to 43% while 10% of those surveyed were undecided.
When third party candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein were added as a hypothetical third party option, support for both Trump and Biden dropped.
The poll highlights Biden’s staggering polls numbers as he was leading Trump in the same Emerson College poll last year. Female voters were the demographic group where Biden lost the most support.
“Last November, Biden led Trump by 4 points, whereas this November, he trails Trump by 4,” said Emerson’s Spencer Kimball in a statement. “Several key groups have shifted in the past year: Biden led at this time last year among women by 7 points, which has reduced to a point this year.”
Moreover, Biden also appears to be losing support from the diverse coalition that helped him enter the White house. The poll showed Biden lost 15 points in support amongst Black voters and 11 points with Hispanic or Latino voters.
Voters under the age of 50 were also less likely to support Biden as he dropped 13 points with that key demographic. His numbers also declined with educated voters as Biden dropped 16 points with four-year college graduates. --->READ MORE HERE
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