Friday, November 24, 2023

NYPD Freeze on New Recruits Among Looming NYC Budget Cuts as Migrant Crisis Worsens: Sources; Short-Staffed NYPD will Freeze Hiring of New Cops as Part of ‘painful’ Budget Cuts to Fund Migrant Crisis: Sources

NYPD freeze on new recruits among looming NYC budget cuts as migrant crisis worsens: sources
Mayor Eric Adams’ administration is planning to cut the NYPD’s next police academy class as part of a sweeping reduction in the city budget caused primarily by the multi-billion-dollar migrant crisis, the Post has learned.
The axing of the new recruits — which will be officially announced Thursday along with numerous other budget cuts — will decimate an already strained department that has seen massive losses since the COVID-19 pandemic, sources said.
“That’s the biggest one,” one source told The Post of the looming NYPD cuts.
The pending academy freeze comes as an already-struggling NYPD battle to replace the nearly 3,000 uniformed officers who have retired and quit since 2019 – and as overall crime is yet to drop after surging 30% during Adams’ first year in office.
“This is going to turn the NYPD staffing crisis into a public safety disaster,” Police Benevolent Association president, Patrick Hendry, said of the expected budget slashing.
“Our police officers are being worked to exhaustion, and 911 response times are already rising. What is going to happen when no reinforcements arrive for months on end? Cutting cops puts New Yorkers at risk, period.”
Under the NYPD’s budget for the 2024 fiscal year, the department had the cash to hire 1,460 uniformed officers. The future academy class was expected to fill a large number of those roles after graduation. --->READ MORE HERE
Short-staffed NYPD will freeze hiring of new cops as part of ‘painful’ budget cuts to fund migrant crisis: Sources
New York City will place a hiring freeze on new police department recruits as part of the city’s “painful” budget cuts, sources told the New York Post Wednesday.
Democratic Mayor Eric Adams is expected to announce substantial budget cuts Thursday that will impact the already short-staffed New York Police Department, the sources stated.
The NYPD currently has approximately 33,500 officers after losing nearly 3,000 cops to retirement and resignation since 2019. Meanwhile, overall crime in the city remains high.
The mayor will scale back migrant spending by 20% and announce fewer sanitation department litter basket pickups, multiple sources told the Post.
A source who was briefed by NYC’s budget director, Jacques Jiha, told the news outlet, “Everything is being cut. Nothing is being held harmless.”
In September, Jiha instructed the police department, fire department, sanitation department, and corrections to formulate a plan to reduce overtime costs.
“The mayor will … issue a directive to implement an overtime reduction initiative for our city’s four uniformed agencies,” Jiha wrote in a memo. “These agencies must submit a plan to reduce year-to-year OT spending.”
Adams recently called the city’s looming budget cuts “just horrendous” and “painful.”
“It’s going to hurt our services a lot,” he noted. --->READ MORE HERE
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