Saturday, November 4, 2023

Texas Scores Wire-Cutting Win in Border Battle with Biden Agents; Federal Judge Orders Immigration Agents to Stop Removing Texas’ Concertina Wire on the Border

Texas scores wire-cutting win in border battle with Biden agents:
A federal judge temporarily barred the Biden administration from cutting razor wire placed near the US-Mexico border on Monday, in a win for Texas’ bid to stop the record-setting flow of illegal migrants into the Lone Star State.
Under the temporary restraining order by Del Rio US District Judge Alia Moses, Border Patrol agents can only cut the concertina wire to “provide or obtain emergency medical aid.”
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, 60, brought the lawsuit last week in a bid to stop the federal government from “disassembling, degrading, [or] tampering” with the miles of wire set up by state authorities along the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass.
“The federal government’s outrageous escalation in response to our lawsuit demonstrates Biden’s disturbing contempt for the State of Texas, for the citizens of the United States, and for our country’s entire foundation of the rule of law,” Paxton said in a statement.
“By acting quickly and monitoring their actions closely, we were able to secure a restraining order, and I am confident we will continue to prevail.”
Texas filed an emergency relief request Oct. 24 in response to multiple instances in which federal agents toppled barriers along the border, according to Paxton’s office.
After filing the lawsuit, “the Biden Administration further escalated the barrier destruction, as agents were filmed using a forklift to smash the fencing against the ground repeatedly,” his office alleged. --->READ MORE HERE
REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez
Federal judge orders immigration agents to stop removing Texas’ concertina wire on the border:
A federal judge on Monday ordered immigration agents to stop taking down or cutting through concertina wire placed on the Texas-Mexico border in Eagle Pass by state troopers and National Guard members in their efforts to deter migrants from crossing the border illegally.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the Biden administration last Tuesday, claiming that the Border Patrol illegally destroyed state property when its agents cut through concertina wire on the banks of the Rio Grande to “assist” migrants to “illegally cross” the border.
District Judge Alia Moses, a George W. Bush appointee, said she would grant Paxton’s request.
“The Court shall grant the temporary relief requested, with one important exception for any medical emergency that mostly likely results in serious bodily injury or death to a person, absent any boats or other life-saving apparatus available to avoid such medical emergencies prior to reaching the concertina wire barrier,” Moses wrote in her order.
Moses will hear arguments from lawyers from Paxton’s office and the Biden administration in the lawsuit on Nov. 7. The temporary restraining order will expire on Nov. 13 at 9:30 a.m. Moses will determine whether her restraining order will continue past Nov. 13 after the hearing.
Within the past three years, the Texas Military Department has spent $11 million to place 70,000 rolls of concertina wire in different parts of the Texas-Mexico border, most notably in Eagle Pass, where migrants have been seriously injured trying to get through the wire.
According to the lawsuit, filed in the Western District of Texas, Border Patrol agents “not only cut Texas’ concertina wire, but also attach ropes or cables from the back of pickup trucks to ease” migrants’ ability to get onto the U.S. side of the river. --->READ MORE HERE
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