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UKRaine Makes Gains on Eastern Front with ‘blindside’ Move Near Avdiivka; UKR Military Reports Advances Near Robytne in Zaporizhzhia Oblast; UKR Strikes RUssian Military Base of Drone Operators; UKR Forces Advance near Klishchiivka, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine makes gains on Eastern Front with ‘blindside’ move near Avdiivka:
Ukrainian troops managed to conduct a successful operation south of Avdiivka and enter the village of Opytne, as "the enemy slept a little bit in this direction," said Vitaliy Barabash, head of the Avdiivka City Military Administration earlier.
A veteran of the Russo-Ukrainian war, reserve major Oleksiy Hetman explained to Radio NV on Sept. 12 why this attack was unexpected for the occupation forces.
"It was said many times about Commander-in-Chief [Valerii] Zaluzhnyi that he could surprise the enemy with some unexpected actions," said Hetman.
“Everyone was focused on the fighting near [the village of] Robotyne, near [the town of] Tokmak — on the southern front. Even in Bakhmut, there were expectations that we would advance near Klishchiyivka. But no one expected any offensive actions near Avdiivka.”
He is convinced that the Ukrainian Defense Forces will continue to "surprise" enemy forces.
"You see, when the Russians are caught off guard, like in Kharkiv Oblast (when Ukrainian troops liberated the territory in 2022 — editor), they cannot resist in an organized manner and [there are] chaotic movements, friendly fire incidents, and they begin to flee the front line," explained Hetman.
“This is a good sign for us. This may indicate that they did not expect any offensive actions from our troops in that place, so this was their reaction.” --->READ MORE HERE
Photo by Pierre Crom/Getty Images
Ukraine war latest: Military reports advances near Robytne in Zaporizhzhia Oblast:
Ukrainian forces advanced along the Melitopol axis in southeastern Zaporizhzhia Oblast, recapturing areas near the recently liberated village of Robytne, the General Staff reported on Sept. 12.
“(Ukrainian troops) had success in the areas south and southeast of Robytne, and they are gaining ground at the boundaries they have reached,” General Staff spokesman Andrii Kovalov said in a statement shared by the Defense Ministry’s Military Media Center Telegram channel.
Kovalov said Russia, however, is trying to recover from the losses and continues to assault Ukrainian positions.
Though it is difficult to hold on to recaptured territories, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar on Sept. 11 said that Ukraine has been able to liberate 4.8 square kilometers of territories in the southern part of Donetsk Oblast and in Zaporizhzhia Oblast over the past week.
Since the beginning of the counteroffensive in early June, Ukraine has liberated 256.5 square kilometers of territory on the southeastern front, according to Maliar.
While Ukraine has made progress on the southeastern battlefield over the last three months of the counteroffensive, Russia still has the initiative along other parts of the front line.
The General Staff said in its Sept. 12 morning briefing that Russian forces are trying to break through Ukrainian defenses in certain areas – including near Novoselivske, a village in Luhansk Oblast which Russia claimed to have recaptured in August, as well as near Klishchiivka and Orikhovo-Vasylivka villages in the Bakhmut area. --->READ MORE HERE
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