Friday, September 15, 2023

300 Migrants Stroll Across Biden Admin’s ‘Closed’ Border into Arizona on Labor Day; Arizona Border Floodgates Closed Early Following Migrant Influx

Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas
300 Migrants Stroll Across Biden Admin’s ‘Closed’ Border into Arizona on Labor Day:
A single group of nearly 300 migrants walked through gates in the border wall welded open by the Biden administration west of Lukeville on Labor Day morning. The migrants eventually surrendered to Border Patrol agents at a nearby rally point. Breitbart Texas posted along the border in the small town and observed as Border Patrol agents prepared the migrants for transport to a Border Patrol processing center.
The large group consisted of migrants from a host of different countries including Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Peoples Republic of China, and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.
According to a source within CBP, not authorized to speak to the media, the Lukeville area is one of the busiest crossing points in the Tucson Border Patrol sector for migrants from outside our hemisphere. These are labeled by the Department of Homeland Security Special Interest Aliens and include those from China and Mauritania. The migrants in Monday’s large group were detained by the Border Patrol at a rallying point on Puerto Blanco Drive near the Lukeville Port of Entry leading into Sonoyta, Mexico.
Breitbart Texas observed heavily armed Mexican National Guard soldiers and State Police patrolling the border fence along the southern side of the border. The soldiers and law enforcement officers appear to be having little impact on the number of migrants crossing into the United States, according to Border Patrol agents in the area.
The CBP source says flood gates in the border wall, opened annually due to the monsoon season, allow the migrants to walk freely into the United States with little resistance. Those gates will be welded shut soon as the season normally ends in mid-September. The source says the problem of migrant crossings in the area will not end once the gates are shut as migrant smugglers often cut the gates open or breach the border wall in other areas daily. --->READ MORE HERE
Arizona border floodgates closed early following migrant influx:
Floodgates along the U.S.-Mexico border in Lukeville, Arizona, have been closed earlier than expected after a wave of illegal crossings in the area.
Sources told NewsNation that crews closed the gates over the weekend at the request of the Border Patrol after thousands of migrants used the opening as a means into the U.S.
The closure comes weeks before the end of the monsoon season, which is why the gates were welded open earlier this summer.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had previously said the gates would remain closed for the duration of the region’s rainy season, which goes through the end of September, in order to prevent water and debris from causing structural damage to the border wall.
Last week, more than 2,200 people crossed into the Tuscon sector in just a single day. The majority of those individuals came in through the gates. --->READ MORE HERE
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