Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Liar Sleeps Tonight: What’s the Truth About Biden’s Public Naps; Don’t Impeach Biden… Not Just Yet

The Liar Sleeps Tonight:
What’s the truth about Biden’s public naps?
Most presidents are fact checked about their policies, few have been fact checked about whether they were awake. Joe Biden has had the most sleeping fact checks of any other president, but that’s because presidents usually don’t fall asleep at major events like visits by foreign leaders or commemorations of mass deaths in a recent natural disaster.
Even at the best of times, it’s never that clear whether Biden is awake or asleep. But sometimes he closes his eyes and appears to drift off before stirring awake.
And the media rushes in to argue that he wasn’t really asleep.
This happens so often that when former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited the White House in 2021, video showed a masked Biden seeming to doze off with his eyes closed. Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joked in his own video that, “I heard that Biden was very attentive at this meeting. He dropped his head in agreement.”
Media fact checks claimed that the video of Biden sleeping had been “misleadingly cropped”.
This year, Biden welcomed Israeli President Isaac Herzog (an unelected official) to express his opposition to democratic judicial reform in Israel by seemingly closing his eyes, clasping his hands and mumbling something about everyone “coming together at a political level”.
Some people thought he was sleeping, but the media explained that he was reading from a note in his lap. With his eyes closed. The media blamed “misleading clipping”.
While Biden has been criticized for avoiding meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the odds are he’d be asleep by the time Bibi opened his mouth. --->READ MORE HERE
Don’t Impeach Biden…
Not just yet.
Guys, chill. Yeah, Crusty O’Corrupto was taking bribes. Everyone knows it, except maybe the senile scamster himself, and only because he forgot. You have to be a moron or a liar to deny it, and the Democrats are both. But there is no cosmic ref who is going to come down and throw a flag on his graft. Certainly, the Department of Justice (sic) is never going to do it. So, those demanding impeachment are absolutely and unequivocally right that impeachment is the proper response even though we all know that once the impeachment gets to the Senate (assuming that the GOP Sissy Squad does not tank the vote in the House), the Democrats will ratify his misconduct even if the House prosecutors play a notarized videotape of him saying “I am Joe Biden and I am accepting this sack with a dollar sign on it in return for using my political office to illegally assist the guy handing me this cash.”
He needs to be impeached anyway – this is not open to serious debate. But we need to get the timing right.
And the time is not right now.
It’s frustrating, especially with the latest frame job of bogus criminal charges against President Trump. But this is not about our feelz. It’s about America’s future. Play it smart, not emotional. Take the time to put all the pieces in place, then spring the trap. Don’t let haste allow him to weasel out of his comeuppance unscathed.
Remember that impeachment is not an act of justice. It is not a legal act. It is, at its core, a political act. An impeachment trial is not governed by the same rules of evidence as are applied in a court of law when the defendant is not a Republican. An impeachable offense is not defined by a statute, but by what the voting members of the House and Senate think is worthy of removal from office and future disqualification. It is a serious act that should be undertaken soberly, and so we need to understand our objectives.
Our objective is not to remove Biden, because there will never, ever be enough Democrats voting honestly to remove him from office. The impeachment proceeding itself will ultimately fail, but we must focus on those objectives.
First, we need to demonstrate to the American people that Hunterdaddy really is a totally corrupt scumbag. To the progressives, that is actually a selling point. But to some number of Democrat voters, that is still a bad thing. And demonstrating his perfidy will hurt him in the election. Our ultimate goal is to evict him from the White House in 2024, and impeachment supports our campaign. --->READ MORE HERE
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