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New Yorkers Protesting Migrant Camps Chant ‘Pasty White Liberals’ at Open Borders Activists; As Cities Struggle to House Migrants, Biden Administration Resists Proposals that Officials Say Could Help

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Watch: New Yorkers Protesting Migrant Camps Chant ‘Pasty White Liberals’ at Open Borders Activists
On Sunday, New Yorkers protested outside of Gracie Mansion — the residence of Mayor Eric Adams (D) — against the city setting up migrant camps in residential neighborhoods.
When open borders activists showed up to counter-protest, the residents started chanting, “Pasty white liberals!”
The New Yorkers are protesting the resettlement of thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens in their neighborhoods. Most notably, Staten Island residents are outraged by Adams’ insistence to house migrants at the former St. John Villa Academy which sits directly in a tight-knit neighborhood.--->READ MORE HERE
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As cities struggle to house migrants, Biden administration resists proposals that officials say could help:
New York — Officials in New York are assembling tent cities for those who can't be placed in a shelter system of more than 200 hotels and other facilities that is already housing 60,000 migrants and more than 50,000 homeless residents.
In Chicago, which is housing over 7,000 migrants, police stations and parks have been converted into makeshift shelters, and plans to house asylum-seekers in vacant schools have generated fervent local backlash. In cities like Sacramento and Denver, some migrants have found themselves on the brink of homelessness. In Boston and other parts of Massachusetts, the arrival of thousands of families and pregnant women seeking asylum prompted the state's governor to declare an emergency.
A perfect storm has brought the historic migration crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border to some of America's largest cities. The influx has strained city and state resources, prompting local Democratic leaders to openly criticize the Biden administration and testing the values of liberal enclaves that have historically welcomed migrants seeking sanctuary.
The cities' struggles to house tens of thousands of destitute migrants, and their growing calls for federal action, have also placed mounting pressure on the Biden administration to intervene. Local leaders have implored the administration for funds and to allow migrants to work legally so they can be self-sufficient.
Cities have spent hundreds of millions of dollars serving migrants and housing them in hotels, churches, schools, parks, police stations and even a National Guard base, according to local spokespeople.
The Biden administration has set aside $770 million for New York, Chicago, Denver, Boston and other cities, both in the interior and along the southern border, this fiscal year through Federal Emergency Management Agency programs for entities supporting migrants. The administration recently asked Congress to authorize $600 million in additional funds.
But the administration has refrained from taking other actions requested by local leaders, such as granting migrants temporary legal status so they can apply for work permits more quickly. Current and former U.S. officials, who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, said concerns about lawsuits and the possibility of encouraging more unauthorized arrivals along the southern border were among the reasons why the administration has been reluctant to do more.
Politically, the cities' concerns about the number of migrants in need of shelter have placed the administration in the awkward position of fielding public criticism from Democratic allies on a divisive issue that Republicans are eager to highlight heading into an election year. --->READ MORE HERE
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