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Support Mounts Among House Judiciary Republicans for Merrick Garland’s Impeachment; Garland Impeachment ‘Not an Empty Threat,’ GOP Lawmakers Warn; The Case Against Merrick Garland is Very Simple: Someone is lying

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Support Mounts Among House Judiciary Republicans for Merrick Garland’s Impeachment:
Support among House Judiciary Committee Republicans for an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Merrick Garland grew stronger after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy threatened impeachment proceedings if IRS whistleblower allegations turn out to be true regarding the politicization of the Justice Department’s Hunter Biden tax probe.
IRS whistleblowers told Congress last week the DOJ twice prevented United States Attorney David Weiss from bringing stronger charges in two separate locations against Hunter Biden. In addition, the whistleblowers alleged Garland rejected a request to appoint a special counsel in the probe to place a degree of separation between the DOJ and President Joe Biden.
IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley claims his allegations can be corroborated by several individuals with firsthand knowledge of Shapley’s account of his communication with Weiss. “It’s up to him and the Justice Department to reconcile the evidence,” Shapley said through his attorney.
Garland denies the DOJ politically interfered in the investigation of the president’s son. Garland says Weiss had full authority to charge Hunter Biden, even though Garland admitted to Congress in March he was the authority to authorize any potential charges against Hunter Biden — including in a separate “jurisdiction.”
The conflicting stories caused McCarthy on Sunday to threaten impeachment proceedings against Garland if the whistleblower allegations are found to be true. --->READ MORE HERE
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Garland Impeachment ‘Not an Empty Threat,’ GOP Lawmakers Warn:
A senior member of the House Judiciary Committee insists that impeachment is “not an empty threat” for Attorney General Merrick Garland, after two whistleblowers alleged that Garland and other Justice Department officials interfered with an IRS investigation of President Joe Biden’s son.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told “Fox & Friends” on Monday: “If it comes true what the IRS whistleblower is saying, we are going to start impeachment inquiries on the attorney general.”
Later Monday, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., concurred.
“From the start, AG Garland has allowed partisan politics to hold sway in the Justice Department—including the unprecedented targeting of parents,” Issa told The Daily Signal in an email.
The Judiciary Committee, which has oversight of the Justice Department, also is the committee that determines whether to send articles of impeachment to the House floor.
“The Congress can’t just look away from the culture of corruption that’s there for all to see, and the possibility of impeachment has to be on the table,” Issa said in the email. “It’s not an empty threat.”
Garland already was under fire for supporting a request by the National School Boards Association to target parents who spoke up in protest at local school board meetings, as well as for what many GOP lawmakers allege has been a politicized and weaponized Justice Department.
What’s different about the two whistleblowers’ allegations is the specific charge that the attorney general used his position to obstruct the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden for failing to file income tax returns. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++The Case Against Merrick Garland is Very Simple+++++

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