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The Unpunished St. Junipero Vandals Are America’s Communist ‘Blue Guards’; San Francisco Prelate Calls Lesser Charges for Defacing Serra Statue ‘anti-Catholic’

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The Unpunished St. Junipero Vandals Are America’s Communist ‘Blue Guards’:
The left’s cultural revolution continues unabated as the St. Junipero vandals receive excessive leniency from Democrat prosecutors.
Yesterday, California’s Marin County District Attorney’s office announced that it would be reducing felony charges against the Black Lives Matter rioters who dismantled and demolished a St. Junipero Serra statue outside St. Raphael parish in San Francisco. The vandals will only be charged with a misdemeanor.
These vandals join countless other Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters across the country, who left-wing prosecutors have granted excessive leniency after their “suSpanishmmer of love” resulted in multiple deaths and $2 billion in damage. More recently, in 202san f2, nearly 100 pro-life organizations and churches were attacked by pro-abortion domestic terrorists, yet the FBI has largely ignored these crimes.
During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, another group of young leftists was allowed to commit heinous crimes that went largely, if not entirely, unpunished. Communist revolutionaries known as the Red Guards were allowed to torture and murder “class enemies” of their movement since it aided the revolution.
It is clear that in America, left-wing arsonists, vandals, and murderers are part of a similar protected class. Like China’s Red Guards, America’s Blue Guards evade prosecution because they are politically useful, hence why many believe we are living under a two-tier justice system.
In a letter to the district attorney and deputy district attorney, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone decried the weak charges for what they are, another example of America’s two-tiered justice system:
“It is clear to me that this course of action would not have been taken with anyone else. In fact, if the same kind of offense had been committed against another religious congregation or group, it would almost certainly have been prosecuted as a hate crime. There have been more than 100 attacks on Catholic Church property across the nation, including in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, one of which was someone firing a bullet into our Cathedral. Anti-Catholicism has a long and ugly history in this country. Now, with this decision, the Marin County District Attorney has given the signal that attacks on Catholic houses of worship and sacred objects may continue without serious legal consequence.”
The similarities between China’s Red Guards and America’s Blue Guards go deeper than simply corrupt justice systems. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the communist decimated Chinese history and heritage, burning ancient scrolls and books, looting temples, and defacing relics. Likewise, in 2020, Marxist rioters looted and vandalized churches and burned and toppled American monuments and memorials. --->READ MORE HERE
Credit: Archdiocese of San Francisco
San Francisco prelate calls lesser charges for defacing Serra statue ‘anti-Catholic’:
With a California District Attorney reducing the charges against five vandals who desecrated a St. Junipero Serra statue in 2020, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco fears others will now believe they can carry out similar attacks and not face serious legal consequences.
“Anti-Catholicism has a long and ugly history in this country,” Cordileone said in a May 25 statement. “Now, with this decision, the Marin County District Attorney has given the signal that attacks on Catholic houses of worship and sacred objects may continue without serious legal consequence.”
The case at hand dates back to October 2020, when the five vandals defaced a statue of St. Junipero Serra on the property of St. Raphael Parish, coating it in red spray paint and tearing it off its foundation. St. Raphael Parish is located in San Rafael, California, about 20 miles north of San Francisco.
Serra is an 18th-century priest and missionary, whose legacy has been debated in recent years.
Initially, Marin County District Attorney Lori Frugoli charged the perpetrators with felony vandalism charges. On May 25, Frugoli’s office announced that those charges were reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, with “restorative justice” stipulations that must be completed.
The five charged were: Ines Shiam Gardilcic, 40; Victoria Eva Montanopena, 29; Melissa Aguilar, 36; Mayorgi Nadeska Delgadillo, 36; and Moira Cribben Van de Walker, 25.
In a May 24 letter to Frugoli after the archdiocese’s attorneys informed Cordileone of the decision to lesser the charges, he both defended Serra’s legacy, and pointed out that regardless, the fact remains that a felony crime was committed.
“I readily acknowledge, and have done so numerous times, that horrible atrocities have been perpetrated against the indigenous people of California,” Cordileone wrote. “While an honest reading of the historical record would clear Junipero Serra of perpetrating such atrocities – indeed, he gave his life to defending the native people of our land – the actual historical record is beside the point.” --->READ MORE HERE
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