Friday, June 16, 2023

One Nation, Two Sets of Laws: From Trump to Illegal Aliens and Criminals, Prosecutorial Discretion Killed Equal Justice; Trump Indictment ‘Destroys All Credibility’ of the US

One Nation, Two Sets of Laws:
From Trump to illegal aliens and criminals, prosecutorial discretion killed equal justice.
When Barack Obama announced that he was unilaterally legalizing millions of illegal aliens while further opening the border, he described it as using “discretion about whom to prosecute”.
In the years since, pro-crime prosecutors have virtually dismantled the justice system in some jurisdictions by using their “discretion” not to prosecute thieves, drug dealers and violent criminals. Some prosecutors announced that they wouldn’t prosecute rioters and looters, others that they would stop prosecuting prostitution, public urination or thefts of under $1,000.
In the decade since Obama announced his exercise in prosecutorial discretion, the country has been overrun with criminals and illegal aliens who benefited from that “discretion”.
But prosecutorial discretion, like most leftist policies, works both ways.
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg issued a ‘zero day’ memo on taking office that told prosecutors not to seek prison sentences for armed robbers. Bragg then labored to indict former President Trump while bypassing such niceties as the statute of limitations and the actual nature of the crime.
Such prosecutorial discretion has become routine in New York where Attorney General Letita James has championed criminal justice reform while targeting not only Trump, but the NRA. Bragg’s predecessor, DA Cyrus Vance, gave Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein a pass. He announced that he wouldn’t charge former Mayor Bill de Blasio, but pursued Trump. After refusing to charge BLM rioters or prostitutes, he made a point of dragging a woman featured in a viral video into court because she had called the police during a dispute with a black man.
But it’s also become normal at the federal level.
Hillary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information on a massive scale. The indictment of President Trump contrasts sharply with the treatment of Hillary, not to mention Biden who left classified documents lying around his garbage. The Trump team will argue selective prosecution, but the prosecution will argue that it can charge whom it pleases.
And to some degree this is true. Prosecutors have no obligation to charge Bob if they charge Jack. And Jack’s lawyers will rarely even bother bringing up Bob in court unless he’s white. Most of the major selective prosecution cases have relied on racial discrimination and so, like most civil rights laws, they leave out the political discrimination that has become the leading civil rights issue of our time. Prosecutors don’t target black people, they do target Republicans.
Prosecutorial discretion is meant to allow prosecutors to bring their strongest cases. Instead, beginning with Obama, it has created a two-tier justice system in which some forms of crimes, despite their destructive impact on society, get a pass while others that have minimal impact, are overcharged for purely political reasons. Even offenses that are very similar are treated very differently based on the political identity of the prosecutor and of the defendant. --->READ MORE HERE

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