Wednesday, May 3, 2023

White House Fails to Mention Texas Shooting Fugitive Francisco Oropesa is an ILLEGAL Immigrant; Texas Shooting Fugitive Who Allegedly Killed 5 Neighbors, has been DEPORTED 4 TIMES

White House fails to mention Texas shooting fugitive Francisco Oropesa is an illegal immigrant:
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday discussed the brutal slaying of five people in Texas without noting the fugitive accused of the heinous crime is an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported four times.
During her daily briefing, Jean-Pierre provided an update on the manhunt currently underway for 38-year-old Francisco Oropesa, the Mexican national accused of gunning down five people – including a nine-year-old boy – inside a home in Cleveland, Texas, last Friday.
The White House spokeswoman called for more stringent gun control measures – but not immigration controls – in the wake of the tragedy.
“In all, five people were murdered by an individual armed with a powerful AR-15-style rifle,” Jean-Pierre said from the White House briefing room podium.
“The president was briefed on the shooting on Saturday morning, and he and the first lady are praying for those killed in the attack, for their surviving loved ones, and for the broader Cleveland community,” she went on.
“But the President believes prayers alone are not enough. Congress must act, because what makes tragedies like this one all the more heart-wrenching is the fact that it is entirely within our power to take these weapons of war off our streets,” Jean-Pierre added. --->READ MORE HERE
Texas shooting fugitive Francisco Oropesa, who allegedly killed 5 neighbors, has been deported 4 times:
The man on the run for allegedly killing five people inside their Texas home has been identified as a Mexican national who was reportedly deported four times.
Francisco Oropesa, 38, has been apprehended and deported by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement was first deported in March 2009, sources told ABC News.
Oropesa was deported again in September 2009, and another time in January 2012 after he was convicted in Montgomery County for driving while intoxicated, sources said.
He was last deported in July 2016, and it remains unclear what his current immigration status is or when he came back into the country.
There are now more than 250 law enforcement officers on the hunt for Oropesa, who is considered armed and dangerous after he fled the bloodbath inside the Cleveland home, about 50 miles north of Houston.
Survivor and grieving father Wilson Garcia said he and his wife confronted Oropesa on Friday night after he was allegedly shooting his gun while drunk from his yard.
The neighbors had complained that the gunfire had awakened their baby.
When the gunman refused, Garcia said, he called the police five times, but it was Oropesa who arrived at his home armed with an AR-style rifle. --->READ MORE HERE
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