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Beware: The FDA is Not Retreating on the COVID Jabs. It is Reloading; China COVID Cover-Up had Huge Help from Western Elites, and other C-Virus related stories

Horowitz: Beware: The FDA is not retreating on the COVID jabs. It is reloading:
Some of you might have jumped with elation on Tuesday after hearing the news that the FDA had de-authorized the original series of COVID shots. What the agency is really doing, however, is reloading so it can enshrine the shots into the permanent immunization schedule and mix them with an ever-growing list of respiratory viral vaccines they are rolling out over the coming months. Now is the time for Congress to step on the gas pedal in opposing these shots, not tabling the issue as if it’s over.
The FDA and CDC had a problem. There was no way to continue marketing the shots any longer as an imminent and urgent need for an ongoing pandemic. After all, even the president has said the pandemic is over. Were they to continue packaging the shots as a continual series for protection against the pandemic, they’d be left with fewer than 1% of the public getting them. So rather than simply canceling them, as Switzerland and other countries are doing, the FDA pulled a bait-and-switch. Officials de-authorized the original series of shots to signal the pandemic is over. But now they have established a system that will allow them to enshrine the newer bivalent shot or some future version, perhaps mixed with flu and RSV, as an annual single shot.
Why is this so significant? With the public already groomed into thinking they need an annual flu shot, officials now hope to treat COVID like the flu shot. Everyone who walks into a pharmacy, especially in the late summer, will be asked if they are up on their flu shot or up on their COVID shots. Likewise, every time one visits his primary care doctor, he will pull up the schedule and pressure the patient to be up on his immunizations. Most people don’t want to be regarded as dirty, disease-ridden bad boys and will comply. This way, getting the COVID shots is no longer an urgent and temporary fear-driven decision, which would no longer resonate now that the fear has dissipated. Instead, it will be part of the annual shot series until the end of times.
“At this stage of the pandemic, data support simplifying the use of the authorized mRNA bivalent COVID-19 vaccines and the agency believes that this approach will help encourage future vaccination,” said Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. Marks was accused by FDA whistleblowers of pressuring them to violate protocols and truncate the timeline to approve the original Pfizer shot in August 2021.
The money quote here is “help encourage future vaccination.” Were they to continue with the current sequence, they would lose everyone’s indulgence. Never mind the fact that the bivalent shots are just as obsolete as the original ones because those variants no longer exist. Never mind that the bivalent shots were never tested as first doses but only as boosters of the original ones, but now they are authorizing them as first shots. --->READ MORE HERE
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China COVID cover-up had huge help from Western elites:
China’s COVID ambitions — to hide crucial data and avoid blame — could not have been accomplished without Western academics eagerly playing the useful idiot for Beijing, The New York Times (of all places!) has revealed.
Per the paper’s reporting, “Chinese scientists have withheld data, withdrawn genetic sequences from public databases and altered crucial details in journal submissions” while “Western journal editors enabled those efforts” — and the World Health Organization blessed it all.
Two China-pushed narratives are at stake here: that the virus did not escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that China’s murderous, totalitarian response to the pandemic was a model of success.
The degree of complicity in pushing these among leading institutions outside China astounds.
The guilty include major universities like Oxford and cutting-edge scientific journals, to say nothing of mega-powerful global nonprofits.
The journal Clinical Infectious Diseases seemingly falsely amended a paper on possible paths for COVID mutation to suggest that the data it was based on were collected later than they actually were. --->READ MORE HERE
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