Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Public Health Inc. Out To ‘slow the spread’ of Truth of Its Betrayal; WATCH: Biden's Surgeon General Confronted Over Forced Masking of Children, and other C-Virus related stories

Public Health Inc. out to ‘slow the spread’ of truth of its betrayal:
“The absence of evidence of effectiveness is not the same as having evidence of ineffectiveness,” chirps Jennifer Nuzzo of Brown University’s School of Public Health in the latest bid to explain away the Great Mask-Mandate Fiasco of 2020 onward.
That is, she ignores the elephant in the room: For years, Public Health Inc. lectured America to mask up — and kept them out of their kids’ schools and countless public places if they didn’t — on the basis of no evidence at all.
Her New York Times essay is yet another effort to deflect from that betrayal, after the gold-standard Cochrane scientific review of mask mandates’ effectiveness found they made “little or no difference.”
Obscenely, Nuzzo turns this into an argument for spending more money to study mitigation efforts — that is, a cash windfall for everyone in her public-health field — so that they can give better advice amid the next once-in-a-century pandemic.
But that dodges the real question: Why did they lie to us?
And bully us?
And why won’t Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and the whole public-health establishment apologize even now? --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/John Raoux
WATCH: Biden's Surgeon General Confronted Over Forced Masking of Children:
The Public Health™ revisionist history project to rewrite the COVID-19 narrative and escape justice in the process continues.
Dr. Vivek Murthy, Biden’s Surgeon General, recently appeared on CNN in his ridiculous uniform to that end, serving up a nonsensical word salad response to the very basic question: why did you forcibly mask America’s children all those years when there was no public health benefit?
First of all, unless they are severely immunocompromised, children have no statistically significant risk from COVID-19, full-stop. This fact runs counter to the nonstop corporate media fearmongering in the early days, which continued until the narrative become too difficult to maintain on the heels of mounting evidence that kids don’t get sick from COVID-19.
Second of all, even if children were at risk and even if the useless masks did work as advertised, anyone who knows anything about kids knows they are not going to wear a piece of cloth strapped to their faces correctly.
Fauci himself acknowledged this fact in the context of adults, not to mention children, wearing masks — only later to walk his comments back after the Public Health™ authorities decided that their masking agenda took precedence over facts. --->READ MORE HERE
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