Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Biden "Punishes Responsibility" As New Mortgage Equity Program Begins; States Revolt Against Biden's 'disaster' Mortgage Redistribution Rule to Subsidize Risky Loans; 'Unconscionable': 27 States Challenge Biden's Plan To Punish Home Buyers With Good Credit

Biden "Punishes Responsibility" As New Mortgage Equity Program Begins:
Starting today, the Federal Housing Finance Agency's mortgage pricing adjustments will increase fees for borrowers with high credit scores while reducing costs for those with subpar credit scores. This upside-down policy is blatantly socialism, and one can't help but wonder if anyone in the Biden administration learned anything from the subprime mortgage meltdown that occurred more than a decade ago.
As part of the Biden administration's plan to make housing affordable for everyone (we've seen this story before), upfront fees for loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be adjusted based on the borrower's credit score. Borrowers with high credit scores will pay more in fees, while those with lower credit scores will pay less.
The Wall Street Journal cited data from Evercore ISI that shows borrowers with credit scores between 720-759 who make around 15-20% down payments will see loan-level pricing adjustment (LLPA) costs rise by .750%. Inversely, under the new adjustments, risky borrowers with a credit score below 639 and who put down only 5% of the value of their home will only have to pay 1.750%, compared with 3.750% under old rules.
Backlash over LLPA changes prompted the FHFA to publish a statement last week, calling such concerns "a fundamental misunderstanding." The Biden administration ensures the new changes are meant to help those with poor credit scores obtain homes amid the worst housing affordability in a generation. --->READ MORE HERE
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States revolt against Biden's 'disaster' mortgage redistribution rule to subsidize risky loans:
State treasurers and other top finance officials from 27 states on Monday urged President Biden to end what they said was his "unconscionable" policy of forcing people with good credit scores to subsidize mortgage loans of higher-risk borrowers, and warned Biden’s plan would be a "disaster."
Biden’s plan was outlined just a few weeks ago by the Federal Housing Agency (FHFA) and is set to take effect today. The plan is aimed at helping lower-income borrowers afford their monthly mortgage payments – it would do so by forcing people with good credit scores to pay more each month for their mortgages, extra payments that would be credited to the loans of higher-risk borrowers.
The controversial policy has been attacked by both Republicans and Democrats, including President Obama’s former Federal Housing Administrator. On Monday, financial officers from 27 states weighed in and said it was clear the policy was a mistake even before it takes effect.
"It is already clear that this new policy will be a disaster," they wrote in a letter led by Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity that was sent to Biden and FHFA Director Sandra Thompson. "It amounts to a middle-class tax hike that will unfairly cost American families millions upon millions of dollars. And – at a time when the real estate market has already slowed considerably due to high interest rates – it will further depress home sales." --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++'Unconscionable': 27 States Challenge Biden's Plan To Punish Home Buyers With Good Credit+++++

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