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What Are Illegal Chinese Communist Government Police Stations Doing in the US? Democrat Donors and a Chinese Secret Police Station: Are Chinese Communist Front Groups Controlling Democrat Officials?

Photo: Angela Weiss, AFP/Getty Images
What Are Illegal Chinese Communist Government Police Stations Doing in the US?
The Chinese Communist government has been caught operating approximately 100 overseas police stations in at least 53 countries—including at least seven illegal police stations throughout the United States.
If it sounds shocking, it’s because it is. A foreign adversary, intent on exerting its influence throughout the world and undermining the United States’ position as the world’s preeminent superpower, covertly set up shop in the United States—with the help of American citizens—to enforce its own laws on Chinese nationals in the United States.
This goes beyond traditional spying, where information gathering is the primary purpose, and veers into the actual attempted enforcement of China’s edicts—within the United States.
Given this egregious conduct, the U.S. Justice Department charged two U.S. citizens with conspiring to act as unregistered agents of the People’s Republic of China.
The government alleges that under the guise of a civic organization serving those of Chinese descent in New York City, Lu Jianwang (aka Harry Lu) and Chen Jinping instead established and operated an unofficial overseas police station on behalf of the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, which is a provincial branch of China’s Ministry of Public Security.
The FBI’s affidavit in the case makes clear: “Although the [Ministry of Public Security] is generally identified as the [People’s Republic of China’s] primary domestic law enforcement agency—responsible for public safety, general criminal investigation, national security and internet security—its mission extends beyond law enforcement and into functions more associated with an intelligence service.” --->READ MORE HERE
Democrat Donors and a Chinese Secret Police Station:
Are Chinese Communist front groups controlling Democrat officials?
There was a ramen restaurant offering spicy beef tendons on the ground floor and a spy base upstairs on a busy street in Manhattan’s Chinatown. When the FBI raided it last year, agents in dark blue shouldered their way past hole-in-the-wall produce stands selling cheap strawberries, ads for overseas mobile phone plans, and illicit gambling dens to search a secret police station.
Indictments charge that this police station did not belong to the NYPD, but China’s feared Ministry of Public Security. The men working there in the shadow of the rusted blue steel of the Manhattan Bridge were allegedly harassing and threatening Chinese Americans, organizing political events and donating to and meeting with local and national Democrat officials.
A handful of blocks away from police headquarters, federal court buildings, and the financial district where Wall Street’s brokers play with billions a day, sits a slice of Chinatown where elderly men still ride shaky bicycles and tiny elderly women carrying giant sacks of recycled cans on their backs pass by. An artist offers cartoonish sketches of Mao alongside Madonna and musicians squat on sidewalks playing haunting airs on stringed lutes.
While most New Yorkers think of Chinatown as being all one place, there are actually strict divisions between the generations of immigrants, mainlanders who predate the Communist takeover and later arrivals who are divided by language and politics. The feuds between these two groups across tenement property lines and community groups have been as furious as they have been invisible to the rest of the city. And it’s a struggle in which the new Communist arrivals with their superior numbers and political connections have won not only in Manhattan, but in San Francisco, Los Angeles and in other parts of the country served by the covert buses ferrying illegal migrants from city to city from depots near the illegal secret police station. --->READ MORE HERE
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