Monday, April 3, 2023

US Firms No Longer Safe In Mexico? Army Commandeers US-Owned Marine Terminal; Vulcan Facility Seizure Adds to Tension Between US, Mexico, and related stories

US Firms No Longer Safe In Mexico? Army Commandeers US-Owned Marine Terminal:
We've heard many heartbreaking stories of American tourists venturing into Mexico only to be kidnapped or, worse, killed in crazy cartel drug war battles. It appears these days, no one is safe across the southern border, not even US-owned companies.
Bloomberg reported that Mexican marines and police officers seized US construction firm Vulcan Materials' port terminal near Playa del Carmen in southern Mexico.
Footage from the seizure showed a long line of police and military units entering the property last Tuesday.
🚨 WATCH: The Mexican military seized a U.S. company’s (Vulcan Materials) marine terminal in Mexico. This is insane,
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More from Bloomberg —> “Vulcan Facility Seizure Adds to Tension Between US and Mexico”

— Cliff Sims (@Cliff_Sims) March 19, 2023
In a statement, Vulcan Materials claimed that Mexican officials did not possess any legal documentation to warrant the seizure of the terminal. --->READ MORE HERE
Vulcan Facility Seizure Adds to Tension Between US, Mexico:
The seizure of a US company’s marine terminal in Mexico has drawn criticism from a US senator and risks sparking more tension between the two nations amid spats over energy and security.
US construction firm Vulcan Materials alleges that armed forces, including from the Mexican government, launched a takeover of its facility in the country’s southeast on Tuesday. The company says a federal judge in Mexico has ordered a stay on any government effort to confiscate the property. That order could not be independently verified.
The White House said it was aware of the reports and always concerned about the fair treatment of US companies, according an official with the National Security Council who requested anonymity to discuss the matter. US officials have told their Mexican counterparts that a failure to abide by trade obligations had the potential to impact efforts to attract future investments, the spokesperson said.
Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee said reports of a takeover of Alabama-based Vulcan Materials’ terminal “add to the trend of misguided and counterproductive behavior” by Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. In a statement on Saturday, he urged the Biden administration to “engage immediately” over the incident. --->READ MORE HERE
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