Saturday, April 22, 2023

Trump Lashes Out at 'Soros' DAs With Threat of 'Sweeping' Investigations; George Soros has Funded 75 Pro-Criminal Prosecutors to the Tune of $40M

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Trump Lashes Out at 'Soros' DAs With Threat of 'Sweeping' Investigations:
Former President Donald Trump is vowing to launch "sweeping" investigations of "Marxist" prosecutors that he suggests are in the pocket of billionaire George Soros.
In a video posted to Truth Social on Thursday, Trump claimed without evidence that the country was being plagued by "Marxist" and "Communist" prosecutors who were being influenced by Soros, a Jewish philanthropist and Democratic mega-donor who has become a frequent feature in far-right conspiracy theories.
The former president promised to "overhaul" the Department of Justice if elected in 2024 and target the prosecutors in "civil rights investigations," claiming that "these Soros prosecutors appear to be engaging in selective enforcement based on illegal racial discrimination."
"As we completely overhaul the federal Department of Justice and FBI, we will also launch sweeping civil rights investigations into Marxist local District Attorneys," Trump said. "And that's what we have—they are Marxist in many cases." --->READ MORE HERE
Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
George Soros has funded 75 pro-criminal prosecutors to the tune of $40M:
George Soros’ American empire achieved its greatest conquest with the indictment of former President Donald Trump — charges dreamed up by Alvin Bragg, who can thank the 91-year-old socialist for the big bucks that got him elected Manhattan district attorney in 2021.
In his cultural revolution, Mr. Soros bankrolls, down the line, an anti-conservative agenda: open borders, shrink the police, dismiss American sovereignty, finance journalism and elect left-wing ideologues like Mr. Bragg as prosecutors. He spreads the cash through networks of hyperactive political action committees and other left-wing organizations that view our country as a horrible place and criminals as the true victims.
Look at what Mr. Soros has gotten from President Biden in just two short years. Mr. Biden’s top priority was to open the southern border so millions of illegal immigrants could flood the nation and eventfully vote Democratic.
Democrats began dismantling police forces even though violent crime and theft soared, prompting businesses to shutter.
Concerning America’s right to chart its own course (sovereignty), Democrats today rarely talk of our destiny as a nation or that the best is yet to come. Far-off history is now our present.
Who bankrolled the Democrats’ 2022 midterm elections? Mr. Soros was, by far, the single largest donor, according to --->READ MORE HERE
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