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SERIAL SQUATTER' STOLE MY HOME: Florida Landlord Says People Sat on Property for Month, Thousands in Damages; Squatters Throw Feces, Brick at Landlords After Causing $38K in Damages at Florida Rental Home: Reports

‘SERIAL SQUATTER' STOLE MY HOME: Florida landlord says people sat on property for month, thousands in damages
A Florida landlord said she’s giving up on real estate as a source of income while in retirement after spending thousands of dollars fighting to get squatters out of one of her properties.
Patti Peeples and Dawn Tiura regained control of their house in Jacksonville’s Hogan’s Creek neighborhood after squatters illegally occupied it for more than 30 days and left behind $38,000 in damage.
"This is my retirement, and so any sort of income that I was trusting to live off of for this year is diminished because of this act of stealing," Peeples told Fox News."That's essentially what they've done – they've stolen my home from me."
Peeples and Tiura first realized their investment property was occupied by squatters when they sent a handyman in March to make repairs ahead of a home inspection for selling it.
"We had an interested buyer, but the repairman we sent ahead of an inspection said that when he arrived there was a pitbull with puppies on the sun porch," Tiura told Fox News. "This was only 48 hours after showing it to the interested buyer."
The squatters were two women in a relationship who moved into the home with two toddlers and a pitbull that had several puppies.
Peeples and Tiura lost the offer on the house once the squatter issue arose, and they had to remove the house’s listing because they were legally not allowed to show it. --->READ MORE HERE
Squatters throw feces, brick at landlords after causing $38K in damages at Florida rental home: reports"
Two female squatters and their pit bulls shacked up in a Florida rental property for more than a month, causing nearly $40,000 in damages — and attacking the landlords by flinging a brick and human poop at them, according to reports.
Patti Peeples and Dawn Tiura, co-owners of a rental home in Jacksonville, learned that their investment property had been overtaken by a couple after a handyman was sent to make repairs ahead of an inspection for a potential sale
. After the worker discovered a pit bull with roughly a dozen of its puppies basking on the sunroom porch, Peeples headed over only to find an unwelcome couple had broken into the property, according to News4Jax. 
The women most likely had moved in in March, after a previous tenant had vacated the home, according to the owners
The squatters, who were in a relationship, claimed to police that they were victims of a Zillow rental scam, purporting that they had signed a lease agreement and paid rent, a security deposit and a pet deposit to a false landlord, Fox News reported.
According to a police report, though, one of the women had been evicted in mid-February from a nearby home following a similar yarn. In that instance, she said she paid rent to a landlord with the same address as the one they paid to rent Peeples’ and Tiura’s property. --->READ MORE HERE
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