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Most Combat-Capable Portion of Russian Military Eliminated by Ukraine; Military Intelligence: Russia Moving to Strategic Defense After 'failed' Offensive; Ukraine Downs 10 Shahed Drones; Hits two Russian Ammunition Warehouses Over Past Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Most combat-capable portion of Russian military eliminated by Ukraine:
Ukraine has eliminated the most combat-capable portion of the Russian army, but the enemy is still dangerous, Andriy Yusov, a spokesperson for Ukrainian military intelligence, said on national television on April 20.
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin eliminated his elite troops with his own hands by unleashing the full-scale war against Ukraine, Yusov noted. While Russians are still capable of planning and carrying out tactical offensive actions, strategically they are turning to defense, Yusov added.
"Their previous tasks have failed,” he stated.
“The rascists (Russian fascists - ed.) do not have the strength to attempt [assaults] time and again, as it was after Feb. 24, 2022. However, this does not mean that the enemy is defeated or that it imposes no danger to Ukraine. No, it is not [mean that]. It has a lot of manpower, a mobilisation potential, a significant amount of equipment that can be dangerous, albeit outdated.”
Invading Russian forces are adapting to their inefficiencies and are storing missiles for mass attacks, Yusov said. He speculated that they will target logistics chains related to military supplies in an attempt to disrupt an upcoming Ukrainian counter-offensive. --->READ MORE HERE
Military intelligence: Russia moving to strategic defense after 'failed' offensive:
Russian forces are moving to an overall strategic defense posture following a failed winter offensive, Andriy Yusov, spokesperson for Ukrainian military intelligence agency HUR, said on national television on April 20.
"The Russians have no intention of replicating the attempts we witnessed after Feb. 24 last year, but that does not mean the enemy is defeated or that it no longer poses a danger to Ukraine," Yusov said.
"There is still a large amount of manpower, mobilization potential, and equipment, albeit outdated."
According to Yusov, the most combat-ready part of the Russian military has already been eliminated in Ukraine.
Holding onto Donetsk Oblast remains the Russian military's "maniacal goal," Yusov added.
Russia's plan to "take Kyiv in three days" ended in failure when Ukrainian forces successfully pushed out Russian forces in early April 2022. --->READ MORE HERE
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