Monday, April 24, 2023

Illegal Immigration Crossings Rise 25% in March as Pandemic Policy Nears End; Biden All But Admits We’ll See Even Worse Border Chaos in May

Illegal immigration crossings rise 25% in March as pandemic policy nears end:
U.S. immigration authorities said the influx of immigrants illegally crossing the border rose 25% in March. Democrats and Republicans grow more concerned that immigration could spike to new highs as the end of a pandemic-era policy nears.
Federal statistics show U.S. Border Patrol agents recorded over 162,000 apprehensions of people crossing the border without authorization, a spike from the 130,000 reported in February.
The rise in immigrant border encounters comes as the Biden administration prepares for the end of Title 42, a rule adopted during the pandemic that allowed Border Patrol agents to expel hundreds of thousands of immigrants.
President Joe Biden signed a bill on April 11 ending the COVID-19 pandemic national emergency, but it did not put an end to the Title 42 provisions, which are set to expire on May 11.
With the end of this policy, the Department of Homeland Security is expecting 400,000 immigrants to cross the southern border, amounting to about 13,000 to 18,000 immigrants a day.
Congressional lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed both their concerns for immigration levels and their disappointment with the Biden administration's handling of the influxes, dubbed the "border crisis."
Some politicians are taking steps to temper the storm coming from the end of Title 42. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden all but admits we’ll see even worse border chaos in May
President Joe Biden vows that on May 11 he’ll end the use of Title 42 to turn away migrants.
Yet he has no plans to deal with the flood of newcomers the move will unleash — with as many as 40,000 now already massed on the Mexican side, alarming officials.
And last week, he all but admitted it.
On Monday, Biden signed a bill ending the national COVID emergency.
Yet a similar public-health-emergency declaration that allows border agents to bar migrants under Title 42 will remain in effect until next month. Huh?
Team Biden says it needs more time to get “policies in place” before ending Title 42.
“The Administration supports an orderly, predictable wind-down of Title 42, with sufficient time to put alternative policies in place,” an Office of Management and Budget statement Monday read.
Translation: Biden’s folks have no plan yet.
And there’s scant reason to think they’ll have any serious one a month from now.
In January, recall, they rolled out a supposedly major shift to stem the tide, letting officials deny immigrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti the chance to apply for asylum if they crossed the border illegally.
Yet 30,000 of those migrants (360,000 a year) would be allowed to migrate here if they met certain criteria. And even those denied represent only a fraction of the migrants. --->READ MORE HERE
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