Thursday, April 20, 2023

House Republicans Investigate Covid-19 Aid to Hospitals; COVID Vaccine Doubter Alex Berenson Sues Biden Over Twitter Ban, and other C-Virus related stories

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WSJ: House Republicans Investigate Covid-19 Aid to Hospitals
A Republican-led congressional committee is investigating Covid-19 relief funds meant to help struggling hospitals, after The Wall Street Journal reported last year that much of the aid went to profitable facilities.
House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R., Ky.) and Rep. Nick Langworthy (R., N.Y.) on Tuesday sent the Department of Health and Human Services a letter requesting documents regarding the money, also known as the Provider Relief Fund, including communications about how the agency distributed payouts.
“We are concerned about HHS’s decisions to provide PRF funds to highly profitable hospitals in wealthy areas while rural hospitals risk going bankrupt as they tried to provide care to Americans in need,” the committee wrote.
A Journal investigation published in December found that more than 1,200 profitable hospitals received federal pandemic aid. They took in $16.7 billion in aid on top of $53.6 billion in profits from patient care in the years they received it, the Journal found. --->READ MORE HERE
NY POST: COVID vaccine doubter Alex Berenson sues Biden over Twitter ban
Conservative commentator and vaccine critic Alex Berenson is suing President Biden, White House officials, and jab-maker Pfizer for creating an “atmosphere of censorship” that led to his suspension from Twitter.
Biden allegedly conspired with Andrew Slavitt, senior advisor to the COVID-19 response, along with former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to boot Berenson from the app in August 2021 — after he posted that the jab didn’t stop transmission of the virus, according to the 135-page suit filed Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court.
At the time, Twitter said Berenson “repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation rules.”
But the company later settled a lawsuit Berenson filed against it by restoring his account in July 2022, and acknowledging that his “tweets should not have led to suspension.” --->READ MORE HERE
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