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Don’t You Dare Blame Lame Joe Biden as America Faces Changing Tides On Global Stage; Leaks of US Classified Intelligence on Russia’s War Against Ukraine is a Wakeup Call; Pentagon Scrambles to Plug Leaks as Officials Fear More to Come: ‘Are more leaks coming?’

Don’t you dare blame lame Joe Biden as America faces changing tides on global stage:
The geopolitical plates are shifting violently as China and Russia form a new axis of evil and once-reliable allies are moving away from the United States and toward our adversaries.
Even a major NATO member is openly rejecting American leadership on Taiwan.
But don’t even think about blaming any of this on Joe Biden.
The world is churning but the buck never, ever stops on his desk.
The latest example of his media free pass appears via a front-page New York Times article that bemoans what it calls a “dearth of diplomacy.”
“Bargaining tables sit empty these days. Shuttle diplomacy planes have been grounded. Treaties are more likely to be broken than brokered,” writer Peter Baker declares.
Before the reader gets any ideas that all these empty roads lead to the befuddled man in the Oval Office, Baker assures that “Mr. Biden fervently believes in deal making,” then ticks off a series of hot spots where the president couldn’t make a deal, such as with Iran, or didn’t make an effort, such as pretty much everywhere else.
“It is widely considered futile to even try to end the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict or negotiate with North Korea at this point,” Baker writes.
“The Russians have suspended the New START treaty, the last major Russian-American arms control agreement, and there appears to be little prospect for diplomacy to halt the fighting in Ukraine in the near term.”
The deal-making drought includes the economic front, where “Mr. Biden opted against rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the sweeping free trade pact negotiated by a previous administration he belonged to, nor is he pursuing any other major free trade agreement, making him the first president not to do so in four decades.” --->READ MORE HERE Karimov
Leaks of US classified intelligence on Russia’s war against Ukraine is a wakeup call:
The Biden administration cannot undo the leaks of US classified intelligence on Russia’s war against Ukraine; nor can it easily mitigate its immediate fallout — the potentially compromised sources and the fact Russia has gained a much better understanding of Ukraine’s vulnerabilities.
What it can and indeed must do, however, is respond forcefully to the leaks’ core revelations.
If Ukraine’s stocks of anti-air defenses are running low, send more.
If the Ukrainian military is suffering from “force generation and sustainment shortfalls,” step up and fill the relevant gaps. And if our “critical defense partner” Egypt is seeking to supply Russia with 40,000 rockets and conceal it from Washington and other Western capitals, hold the regime to account.
Damaging as these leaks objectively are, they must also serve as a wake-up call.
For months, President Biden has presented the American public an optimistic picture of our unwavering support for Ukraine and, more broadly, of America “being back” on the global stage after some flirtation with isolationism during the Trump years.
Many Republicans have played right into this narrative by criticizing Biden not for doing too little, too late, but by questioning our international commitments and claiming US interests would be better served by withdrawing behind our own borders.
The leaks tell a very different story. They confirm the suspicions US and European support has not been sufficient to help Ukraine achieve victory — and also show a shocking degree of cynicism and disdain for US leadership from governments that have been dependent on the United States. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Pentagon scrambles to plug leaks as officials fear more to come: ‘Are more leaks coming?’+++++

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