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Ronny Jackson says Biden may have tried to cut corners on COVID vax approval: 'Real problem'; It's been 3 years since COVID lockdowns. But we still haven't learned from these 3 mistakes, and other C-Virus related stories

Ronny Jackson says Biden may have tried to cut corners on COVID vax approval: 'Real problem'
FDA communications reveal Biden's push for premature COVID vaccine approval, GOP claims
Rep. Ronny Jackson told 'Fox & Friends Weekend' that the House COVID committee is discovering that the sped-up vaccine approval was for political reasons, not safety concerns. The Texas Republican and physician told Johnny Joey Jones, Sunday, that the Biden administration pushed the FDA to approve the vaccine sooner than they should have.
REP. RONNY JACKSON: Well, the Biden administration sped it up. People from the EOP were pushing people at the FDA. Dr. Gruber actually resigned in protest because she said 'this is not how this process is supposed to work. We cannot review all this information in this short period of time. It's unsafe.' And Joey, they had set the date for January of 2022. Mind you, the process didn't even start until July 16 of 2021. And after Dr. Gruber left, you know, when they approved it, they approved it in August 23rd of 2021, five weeks after it started, five weeks after the process. It was approved in five weeks. It was supposed to take, you know, initially 10 to 12 months and then six months with the expedited process… --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
It's been 3 years since COVID lockdowns. But we still haven't learned from these 3 mistakes:
There is a large layer of government overreach to consider about COVID pandemic
As the COVID pandemic reaches the three-year mark, and the public perception of a pandemic mindset finally fades, it is high time to review the mistakes that were made. We can find a pattern to learn from, especially as it applies to the government’s reaction. Themes that unfortunately characterize the response are dogma, dictum, mandate, censorship and so-called misinformation, as well as an insensitivity to the collateral damage of interventions.
The public was infected, not just with a virus, but with fear and loathing as divisiveness grew. I and others who warned of these errors three years ago were largely marginalized, and our voices drowned out.
COVID origins.
I have had unfettered access to Dr. Robert Redfield, former CDC director and one of the top virologists in the U.S. throughout the pandemic via multiple interviews and conversations. Redfield was curious about the possibility of a lab origin of SARS COV 2 from the beginning.
But the prevailing narrative came from Dr. Anthony Fauci, who I also interviewed about this many times, and others who felt that COVID most likely came from nature, by a generally slower process known as zoonotic transfer. Redfield pointed to the furin cleavage site and associated genetic sequences that appeared to come from a human virus and wondered how they got there, especially since they made human to human transmission much easier. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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