Monday, March 20, 2023

House Dems Eying Immigration Law Update to Provide Citizenship for Millions; House Dems Propose Bill to Grant Amnesty to Millions of Illegal Immigrants

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House Dems eying immigration law update to provide citizenship for millions:
A coalition of House Democrats are reviving efforts to provide a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants.
Six Democrats have reintroduced the “Renewing Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act of 1929” bill that seeks to update a law created to allow immigrants to apply for permanent residency or a green card.
Initially, immigrants had to be in the US before 1921 to qualify, but the law has been updated several times, including in 1986, when the cutoff was moved to before 1972.
“What we’re going to do is look at passing immigration reform that’s very simple, to do it on one page. It’s not thousands of pages, it’s one page: Change the registry date,” bill sponsor Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.) told Spectrum News
Other sponsors include New York’s Grace Meng and Adriano Espaillat; Reps. Zoe Lofgren and Norma Torres of California; and Jesús “Chuy” García of Illinois. --->READ MORE HERE
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House Dems propose bill to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants:
Democrats have made multiple attempts to get a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants
A group of House Democrats is reviving an effort to give a pathway to citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants who are already in the U.S. by updating a nearly century-old registry to allow for their statuses to be adjusted.
Six Democrats this week reintroduced the Renewing Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act of 1929. The bill would update a status adjustment process — commonly known as the registry — that allows for those in the country illegally before a certain date to have their status regularized.
The registry was last updated in 1986 and at that time allowed for illegal immigrants who had been in the country continuously since 1972 to have their status adjusted and obtain a green card, which in turn would allow them to apply for U.S. citizenship.
The Democrats introducing the bill — Reps. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., Norma Torres, D-Calif., Lou Correa, D-Calif., Grace Meng, D-NY, Adriano Espaillat, D-NY, and Jesús "Chuy" García, D-Ill. — said it would affect approximately eight million immigrants, a population greater than the state of Arizona. In a press release, the Democrats said that 148 local, regional and national organizations supported the measure.
Lofgren, the lead sponsor on the bill, took a shot at Republicans for "political stunts" on immigration and the border.
"While the extreme MAGA Republicans make dozens of trips to the border and perform other political stunts, my colleagues and I are once again focusing on immigration action by reintroducing this commonsense registry legislation that is simply an update of the law that was first put in place in 1929," she said. --->READ MORE HERE
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