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Biden’s Border ‘parole’ Program in Peril as Congressional GOP Plans Vote to Overturn; Sen. John Cornyn Wants Congress To 'overrule' Biden's Border Plan

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Biden’s border ‘parole’ program in peril as congressional GOP plans vote to overturn:
Sen. John Cornyn announced plans Monday to force a vote in Congress to overturn President Biden’s new “parole” program, which seeks to admit migrants outside of the usual process established under immigration law.
Mr. Biden forged his program earlier this year in an attempt to cut down on illegal immigration, figuring he could convert those illegal immigrants to legal entrants by paroling them into the country and giving them a two-year permission to remain without fear of deportation.
Mr. Cornyn, Texas Republican, said the program is probably illegal — and bad policy, as well.
“The president’s policies are attracting more and more illegal immigration — what the Border Patrol calls ‘pull factors.’ In other words, the perception that there are no consequences associated with coming here outside of legal immigration channels,” Mr. Cornyn said on Fox News.
Mr. Cornyn said he’ll introduce legislation under the Congressional Review Act, which gives Congress a potential veto over executive branch actions.
To clear Congress, backers would need to muster only a majority in the House and in the Senate. Senators would not be able to filibuster the measure. Mr. Biden could still veto it, and then it would take a two-thirds vote to overturn him. --->READ MORE HERE
Sen. John Cornyn Wants Congress to 'overrule' Biden's Border Plan:
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn on Monday said he plans to push for Congress to override a key piece of President Joe Biden's effort to revamp the nation's asylum system, which the Texas Republican says is an abuse of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s discretion to parole more migrants into the United States.
BACKGROUND: Biden’s new CBP One app panned for trapping asylum seekers in ‘daily lottery system’
Biden's plan — which has been panned by immigrant advocates and restrictionists alike — would establish harsher penalties for migrants who cross the border without first scheduling an appointment at a port of entry to make a claim for asylum, and for those who have not already been denied asylum in another country. It is set to take effect this spring and would replace a public health order known as Title 42 that was put in place during the COVID pandemic and has been used to immediately expel most migrants crossing the border.
The administration says the new plan will encourage migrants to use “lawful, safe, and orderly pathways” into the United States and will cut out human smuggling networks that exploit migrants for financial gain. It is an expansion of a scheme the administration has in place for migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela that led to a 40-percent drop in border crossings in January, including a 95-percent decline in encounters with migrants from those countries crossing the border illegally.
But Republicans, including Cornyn, have argued the plan will only encourage more migrants to come to the U.S. Cornyn has accused the administration of playing a numbers game, reducing illegal crossings by directing migrants to ports of entry. He said he plans to introduce a resolution to use the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to overturn administrative policies. --->READ MORE HERE
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