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USA for sale: Biden is America’s Caligula; China Floats a Trial Balloon Over Montana: Somehow a weather balloon ended up near U.S. missile bases. Sure; Rep. Mary Miller on Chinese Spy Balloon: ‘National Security Must Not Be Compromised by Biden Family Payoffs’

 Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
USA for sale: Biden is America’s Caligula:
Donald Trump was American Caesar. Joe Biden: America’s Caligula.
A populist, authoritarian champion of the laboring classes, Julius Caesar, was despised by Roman elites and was eventually assassinated by scheming dishonest senators in the very swamp of Rome because he threatened their authority.
The reign of Caligula, credibly accused of incest and widely believed to be insane, was marked by monstrous and opulent spending, self-defeating military excursions and sexual debauchery that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire.
Or, as outgoing Chief of Staff Ron Klain serenaded from the White House this week: “I learned everything I know about how to be a good father from Joe Biden. He’s the best father and role model I know.”
Yikes. Mr. Klain broke into heaves of blubbering as he said this.
Serious question: If the next zombie apocalypse wiped out every last babysitter and foster parent on the planet, and you needed to leave your children with someone for the weekend, would you leave them with Mr. Biden or Charles Manson?
Yeah, me too.
Of all the things for Mr. Klain to start blubbering about as he jumps off the sinking ship like a plague-infected rat. Evercalculating, these people realize that Mr. Biden’s great weakness — if Mr. Klain and others in Bidenworld want to keep the gravy train rolling — is that the entire Biden clan is a deeply corrupt and morally despicable creature of Washington. --->READ MORE HERE
China Floats a Trial Balloon Over Montana
Somehow a weather balloon ended up near U.S. missile bases. Sure.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday postponed his visit to Beijing scheduled for next week after a suspicious Chinese balloon was spotted over Montana. Good decision. But the public deserves to know more about this episode, and one uncomfortable lesson is that the U.S. homeland is increasingly vulnerable.
The Pentagon said Thursday night it had “detected and is tracking a high-altitude surveillance balloon” over the U.S. F-22 fighter jets and other assets were sent to examine the balloon, and one question is why the U.S. didn’t shoot it out of the sky. The Pentagon admits it’s been lurking in sovereign U.S. air space for “a couple of days,” notably near bases for U.S. nuclear missiles.
The military brass advised against shooting down the balloon, though the stated reason—risk of debris—seems manageable. No one doubts China would have shot down an American asset wandering over its bases. The Pentagon won’t say whether it may take out the balloon once it’s over water.
Beijing’s official explanation is that this is merely a hapless “civilian airship” that made a wrong turn and . . . ended up near U.S. intercontinental ballistic missile bases. “China regrets that the airship strayed into the United States,” the foreign ministry said.
So the balloon heads over the Aleutians, strays over Canada, but China acknowledges the balloon only after the U.S. announces it has been discovered over Montana? This isn’t believable, and the patent dishonesty will add to the U.S. public’s growing mistrust of China. --->READ MORE HERE
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