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Shocking Cost of the Illegal Immigration Crisis to Americans; Cost of Joe Biden’s Open Borders: $200 Billion, PAID BY YOU

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Shocking Cost of the Illegal Immigration Crisis to Americans:
As record numbers of illegal aliens continue to flood across our southern border, they are being dispersed into every congressional district in the country, making every state a border state. We’re told they’re merely coming to seek a better life. And while that’s true for many, why do open-borders advocates ignore the enormous toll on Americans that comes in the form of higher taxes, overloaded emergency rooms, increased crime in their communities, and overcrowded classrooms for their children?
This is the first in a series of articles covering the heavy financial and human toll that illegal immigration is taking on the states and their citizens.
Annually, illegal immigration now costs taxpayers billions of dollars a year. For instance, in states far away from the southern border like Illinois, that cost was $4.59 billion in 2022. That’s $930 per household. Every year.
The far-reaching effects of the influx through our southern border are clear. Our communities bear the costs of illegal immigration caused by the Biden administration’s anti-enforcement and open border policies.
Border communities have long been overwhelmed under these policies. The crisis now costs California $21.76 billion and Texas $8.88 billion annually in education, health care, law enforcement and criminal justice system costs, welfare expenditures, and more. Border states are often the subject of shocking reports of epidemics of violent attacks, taxpayers footing the bill for illegal aliens’ health care costs, and increased property destruction. --->READ MORE HERE
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Cost of Joe Biden’s open borders: $200 billion, paid by you:
An internal City Hall memo says Biden’s open border will cost New York City taxpayers $4.2 billion through the middle of next year, double Mayor Adams’ previous estimate. And those costs won’t stop even if Washington magically decides to start enforcing the immigration laws — because millions are already here.
One of the reasons the number is so high is New York’s “right to shelter” law, which requires the city to house all comers. But even without that provision, and even once the border-jumpers start working (legally or otherwise) and paying taxes, the net costs to taxpayers nationwide will be enormous.
A few years back, the Center for Immigration Studies used data from the National Academies of Sciences to estimate the lifetime net fiscal impact (taxes paid minus services used) for each illegal immigrant, not counting their US-born children.
Adjusted for inflation, the lifetime cost to taxpayers of each illegal immigrant is over $80,000. Under Biden’s orders, Homeland Security has released into the United States nearly 2 million illegal border-crossers (so far!), meaning their lifetime cost to taxpayers will be close to $150 billion.
Add in another 1 million got-aways — border infiltrators who were detected (by cameras or ground sensors or other means) but not apprehended because the Border Patrol had its hands’ full dealing with all the illegal immigrants turning themselves in knowing they’d be released — and the lifetime cost for taxpayers soars past $200 billion. --->READ MORE HERE
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