Monday, February 27, 2023

It’s Insane That Colleges Still Mandate Vaccines; Ex-Trump Adviser Calls Out 'corruption' At Colleges Still Forcing COVID Vaccines: 'I'm very concerned', and other C-Virus related stories

It’s insane that colleges still mandate vaccines:
Headlines last week declared natural immunity better protection than vaccines, based on a Lancet study Thursday that backed up a groundbreaking Israeli study from . . . August 2021. Yet vaccine mandates continue to block a full return to normalcy, and it’s taking a particularly hard toll on college kids.
Three years in — and well after COVID ceased to be a deadly, nationwide threat — many institutions are still reluctant to let go of pandemic restrictions. Parents have come to see how those lingering rules have hit the young especially hard. For college students, campuses feel forever altered under the weight of the ubiquitous refrain “to keep the community safe.”
Some professors, for instance, still mask their classes or move them online. Many colleges continue to have vaccine and booster mandates in place, though the overwhelming majority of students have already acquired natural immunity and are among the least vulnerable population of Americans.
The graduating class of 2023 has hardly known the freedoms older generations enjoyed — exuberant and unrestricted socializing, in-person intellectual debates and, of course, the freedom to choose whether to take an experimental medical intervention. Is it any wonder college enrollment is down? CUNY just reported a decline of 9%.
While many were willing to accept a temporary suspension of rights when little was known about this mysterious virus, there has been a dramatic shift in public opinion of late. Even those who advocated for vaccine mandates and lockdowns now talk of “pandemic amnesty,” quietly turning their attention to unintended consequences of the pandemic response instead. --->READ MORE HERE
Ex-Trump adviser calls out 'corruption' at colleges still forcing COVID vaccines: 'I'm very concerned':
Dr. Scott Atlas said many officials at American universities are showing a "complete lack of critical thinking, gross incompetence, and unethical behavior" as they continue to mandate COVID vaccinations for students.
The former Trump adviser joined "The Ingraham Angle" Tuesday to discuss how some universities still have COVID restrictions in place, including vaccine booster mandates.
"I'm very concerned. … We trust [universities] to teach critical thinking and take care of our kids and instead, there is a denial of fact on thousands of university and college campuses in the U.S.," said Atlas.
"Maybe 90% of people have had COVID, they have biological protection That is better, not just equal, better, proven by the data from the vaccine."
Ingraham noted that the University of Michigan is still requiring students to receive boosters to live on campus, while George Washington University in Washington, D.C., still requires students and faculty to wear masks.
"This is crazy," said Ingraham.
Atlas said there has not been an accurate assessment of all side effects from vaccines after billions of shots were administered.
Atlas suggested "corruption" is taking place at some universities saying, there are "about 15 universities in the U.S. that receive more than $500 million a year every year from the NIH alone." --->WATCH AND READ MORE HERE
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