Saturday, February 4, 2023

‘Mind-Blowing’ Illegal Immigration Under Biden Approaching 1% of Total U.S. Population; Biden’s Dishonest Border Crisis Victory Lap — it hasn’t been fixed!

Analysis: ‘Mind-Blowing’ Illegal Immigration Under Biden Approaching 1% of Total U.S. Population
President Joe Biden’s administration may bring a record 2.7 million illegal aliens to the United States-Mexico border this year, new analysis projects.
For 2021, Steven Kopits with Princeton Policy Advisors accurately projected that about two million border crossers and illegal aliens would be apprehended.
Likewise, Kopits correctly projected that more than 2.3 million border crossers and illegal aliens would be apprehended in 2022, for a total of about 4.2 million apprehensions since Biden took office.
As illegal immigration hit a record monthly high in December 2022, with more than 250,000 apprehensions at the border, Kopits writes that the figures “are simply surreal” and suggests that Biden is on pace to set a new illegal immigration record this year.
Kopits writes:
With December apprehensions exceeding expectations, we increase our calendar and fiscal year 2023 forecast for southwest border apprehensions to 2.7 million, which would represent a new record by 400,000 over fiscal and calendar year 2022. These are truly mind-blowing numbers. Annual southwest border apprehensions are beginning to approach 1% of the total US population. [Emphasis added] --->READ MORE HERE
Biden’s dishonest border crisis victory lap — it hasn’t been fixed!
Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security declared victory over the border crisis this week as a result of recent policy changes. They may come to wish they hadn’t.
With Eric Adams and other sanctuary mayors bemoaning the effects on their cities from a tiny sliver of the border surge, the administration responded with Biden’s short drop-in at the border, and certain policy changes. Those measures, billed as “New Border Enforcement Actions,” included applying Title 42 automatic expulsions to border-jumpers from four countries that had been exempt: Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti.
That’s good as far as it goes. The number of people from those four countries arrested crossing the border illegally has reportedly dropped more than 90% over the past week. Illegals from those four countries made up about 38% of all border arrests in December, so if they’re out of the picture then January could see the lowest number of apprehensions since February 2021, when the new administration sparked the border crisis. The Biden-friendly media duly reported this new storyline, and can now go back to ignoring the border.
But while the administration and its media groupies may not be interested in the border, the border is interested in them. There are two reasons the border crisis isn’t over yet. First, the arrest numbers will go back up. Border-jumpers from the other 190-odd countries of the world in December totaled “only” 137,000, which is low by the ridiculous standards of the Biden administration, but is still nearly double the number from December 2020, the last full month under Trump.
The four countries Biden targeted did send a lot of illegal immigrants in December, but even that’s a new development; two years previously, they accounted for barely 5% of border arrests. --->READ MORE HERE
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