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The Fabric Of Our Society Is Coming Apart At The Seams Right In Front Of Our Eyes; 6-Year-Old Shoots Teacher At Virginia Elementary School

The Fabric Of Our Society Is Coming Apart At The Seams Right In Front Of Our Eyes:
One rule that I have always lived by is that crazy people should be avoided. But what good is that rule now that our entire society has started to go completely nuts? Everywhere you look, the fabric of our society is being completely shredded. The thin veneer of civilization that we all used to be able to take for granted is rapidly disappearing, and violence often erupts for seemingly no reason at all. You simply cannot have a “civilization” without civilized people, and the truth is that we are becoming less civilized with each passing year. Sadly, this is particularly true for our young people. Most of them have been brought through our completely amoral system of public education, and most of them have had their minds severely warped by thousands upon thousands of hours of mental garbage that masquerades as entertainment. As a result, many of them behave like lunatics, and the streets of our cities are no longer safe.
One of the reasons why so many people like to interact with others through phones and video screens is because the real world has become just so hazardous.
A video that was trending on social media during the holiday season is a perfect example of this. An absolutely massive brawl recently erupted at a Waffle House in Austin, Texas, and it got so much attention that Fox News even took notice
Waffle House” is trending on Twitter in reaction to a video of an employee deflecting and slapping down a chair that was thrown at her during a fight at one of the chain’s restaurants in Austin, Texas.

The original video, which is more than two minutes long, shows the lead-up and fight between multiple Waffle House customers and employees.
The employee who was struck with two chairs has gone viral for her quick reflexes and impressive deflection.
This brawl has been watched millions upon millions of times, and the reason why it became so popular is because many viewers found it to be extremely entertaining.
In particular, many were absolutely fascinated by the Waffle House employee that was seemingly able to deflect chairs that were thrown at her with a flick of her arm.
The US Military has many branches defending our country
Air Force
Waffle House Employees

— Brad Williams (@funnybrad) December 28, 2022
She is being called “Waffle House Girl”, and people are joking that she is a new superhero.
But where are all the people that are crying out in anguish for what has happened to this generation of young people?
An entire generation of young adults seems to have no moral foundation whatsoever, and that has dire implications for the future of our society. --->READ the rest from Michael Snyder HERE
6-Year-Old Shoots Teacher At Virginia Elementary School:
Update (1605 ET): The critically wounded teacher has been identified as 25-year old Abby Zwerner of Williamsburg, Virginia, according to WKTR. Zwerner, a graduate of James Madison University, was transported to Riverside Regional Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.
“She is a great teacher who works hard. My son loves her very much, and we’re all very sad about what happened,” said Sebastian Gonzalez-Hernandez, a parent of a Zwerner student, in a report by the New York Post.
According to a parent interviewed by Daily Mail, Zwerner "screamed at her kids to run away" after the 6-year-old boy fired a single shot at her, striking her.
DailyMail also reports that, according to a student's grandmother, a student who may or may not have been the shooter brought "shiny gold bullets" to school last week and said he was thinking about bringing a gun.
* * *
A six-year-old child shot and seriously wounded an elementary school teacher in Virginia on Friday.
The shooting occurred in a first-grade classroom at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News. Police say the shooting took place during an altercation and was not an accident. They have not yet determined how the child gained access to a firearm. Details about the firearm have been withheld. --->READ MORE HERE
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