Friday, January 6, 2023

McCarthy’s Path Forward That Even Republicans Couldn’t Screw Up; Gingrich Says Speaker Vote Delays Show ‘healthy, tough, serious conversation’

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McCarthy’s path forward that even Republicans couldn’t screw up
Never mind all the swooning ladies, pearl-clutchers and screaming weenies in the Republican Party. Or the eye-bulging hysteria from the political press.
This so-called “slow-rolling dumpster fire” going on in the well of the House of Representatives all week is a good thing for the Republican Party, whether its leaders are smart enough or gutsy enough to realize it. This leadership fistfight in the House is the best thing to happen to Republicans since Donald Trump, “the Disrupter,” descended his glass escalator over seven years ago.
And just like back in 2015, leaders of the Republican Party are the slowest to catch on. And the hopeless nerds in the political press never do.
James Fallows, an alleged expert in politics and journalism, announced on Twitter: “Now we are seeing CHAOS.” He compared the floor fight this week to the massive tear-gas riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. And Watergate.
Please, someone, deliver the poor man some smelling salts.
No, this is not a riot. This is not chaos. It’s not even a late-night break-in. 
It’s a debate. An open and honest debate, including some name-calling. It is called democracy. Out in the open sunlight — the only place where democracy thrives.
For sure, the drama is real. It’s delicious. The fierce debate over how the House of Representatives should operate — and who should lead it — goes to the very heart of self-governance. The House of Representatives is the body most answerable to the people, so it is fitting that the profound frustrations of the people surface here first. --->READ MORE HERE
Gingrich says speaker vote delays show ‘healthy, tough, serious conversation’
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich dismissed concerns that Republicans are falling apart, saying Rep. Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) inability to secure the speaker's gavel thus far shows the party’s ability to engage in “healthy, tough, serious conversation.”
After six ballots cast and McCarthy still failing to garner enough votes to be elected the next speaker of the House on Wednesday, he offered the 20 Republicans who have held out against him a new bid of concessions heading into Thursday’s vote. McCarthy has offered concessions that would limit his power while also expanding the defectors' roles across additional committee assignments.
“Most of the things they want are relatively reasonable. And that’s part of the legislative process,” Gingrich told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on Wednesday. “It’s really hard to explain to Putin or Xi Jinping or Kim Jong Un what’s going on. This is freedom. And freedom is messy and sloppy and also remarkable — remarkably creative. We’ll get there, and we’ll have a speaker.” --->WATCH AND READ MORE HERE
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