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It’s Joe Biden’s Border Now; Trump Releases Video Attacking Biden for ‘border invasion’

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It’s Joe Biden’s Border Now
The fight over Title 42 encapsulates all the dysfunctions of immigration policy.
The border will soon be open.
Everyone understands this, including the would-be migrants massed along the Rio Grande and the already overwhelmed border communities such as El Paso, Texas. They are awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling on Title 42, a power used to expel migrants who have entered unlawfully before they apply for asylum. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has signaled Title 42 is on its way out.
In one sense, Title 42 perfectly encapsulates all the dysfunction of America’s immigration regime. Named for a section of the U.S. code that deals with stopping the spread of communicable disease, it has been used since a March 2020 directive from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to combat Covid by turning back people at the border—not the first time public health has been invoked to enhance government power. Until November, that is, when federal judge Emmet Sullivan ordered it ended and 19 Republican state attorneys general asked the Supreme Court to step in.
In her brief to the Court, Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar acknowledged that lifting Title 42 would cause “disruption” and lead to at least a “temporary increase” in illegal border crossings. But the solution, she said, “cannot be to extend indefinitely a public-health measure that all now acknowledge has outlived its public-health justification.”
Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah) was likewise blunt in defending a Title 42 amendment he unsuccessfully proposed for the $1.7 trillion omnibus that passed before Christmas. “Title 42 is the one thing standing between us and utter chaos,” Mr. Lee told Fox News.
Mr. Lee and Ms. Prelogar are both right. Which only underscores the incoherence.
Ultimately, immigration is the responsibility of Congress, and the dysfunctions now on view daily at our southern border—legal, political, humanitarian—owe themselves to the repeated failure of our legislators to put a responsible immigration infrastructure in place.
But Congress doesn’t really lead. A president does. In his zeal to do the opposite of everything Donald Trump did, President Biden quickly transformed the border into a full-fledged crisis. One example of something he threw out while putting nothing in its place: the remain in Mexico policy, which sent asylum seekers who’d unlawfully entered the U.S. back to Mexico while they waited for their asylum hearings. --->READ MORE HERE
Shealah Craighead/White House
Trump releases video attacking Biden for ‘border invasion’:
Former President Donald Trump attacked President Joe Biden for an ongoing surge of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in a video posted on his Truth Social platform last week.
“Our country is under invasion,” Trump said in the video. “Our country is being poisoned.”
President Donald Trump: NO AMNESTY!
We need a total ban on Biden using taxpayer dollars to free
illegal aliens — and criminal penalties for administrative
noncompliance, which happens every single minute of every
single day.

— Miss Francis ⚡️ (@bymissfrancis) December 21, 2022
“Remember, our border is not open because of insufficient resources or legal authorities. Our border is open because Joe Biden has ordered it to be open and because Biden has broken the law and torn it to shreds. He has shredded our system, and he’s destroying our country,” he added.
He said freeing illegal migrants has “nothing to do with asylum.”
“Everyone knows this is a pretext, and this is a fraud,” he said. “Anyone who pretends otherwise plays into the hands of Biden and the criminal cartels.” --->READ MORE HERE
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