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A Legal Immigrant’s Lament: Biden’s ‘Parole’ Scheme Makes ‘Patsies’ of Those Who Abide by Law; Details Emerge on President Biden’s Illegal Parole Program, and related stories

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A Legal Immigrant’s Lament: Biden’s ‘Parole’ Scheme Makes ‘Patsies’ of Those Who Abide by Law:
One thing I have in common with journalist Andrew Sullivan is that we both chose to go through the lengthy process to become American citizens.
As he recently told Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff, the current insanity at the border makes legal immigrants like us “look like patsies.”
When a staunch liberal, a reporter from The Post, and a Heritage Foundation research fellow all agree on something, it may be we’re onto the truth.
President Joe Biden just announced the addition of Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua to his “successful” Venezuela “parole” program. As they watch Biden invent a completely new—and likely unconstitutional—“pathway” to facilitate illegal immigration, I wonder how the millions of Americans, their family members, and others patiently waiting in line for visas must feel.
Patsies? Suckers? Mugs, marks, or saps, maybe?
As someone who not only immigrated legally, but also worked thousands of visa cases as a consular officer, this administration’s arrogant disregard for the law and precedent makes my blood boil.
Here’s how visas work, in a nutshell: Consular officers will issue non-immigrant (temporary tourist, student, guest worker) visas to foreigners if we (1) are satisfied of their identity; (2) believe that they are not criminals or terrorists, and don’t have a contagious disease; and (3) are convinced that they will return home when their temporary purpose ends. --->READ MORE HERE
Details Emerge on President Biden’s Illegal Parole Program:
Last week, President Biden announced he will expand an illegal program to allow 30,000 Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans per month to enter the United States without visas. In doing so, the Biden administration is escalating its plan to circumvent the normal processes for legal immigration —and even outright violate federal law—in order to implement its open-borders agenda.
In general, a foreign national who wants to permanently emigrate to the U.S. must get an immigrant visa—otherwise known as a green card. To get an immigrant visa, foreign nationals have to apply through one of the programs created by Congress and set forth in federal law. Indeed, the Naturalization Clause in the United States Constitution provides that Congress, not the executive branch, has the plenary authority over immigration.
Congress has created several core immigration programs. Broadly speaking, these are: (1) family-based immigration; (2) employment-based immigration; and (3) humanitarian-based immigration, which grants asylum or refugee status to individuals who can establish fear of persecution by their government or a government-like entity. The main difference between claiming refugee status and claiming asylum is physical location: aliens outside the U.S. who meet the criteria to establish fear of persecution may claim refugee status; aliens physically present in the U.S. who meet the same criteria may claim asylum.
These programs have intricate rules, including requirements for sponsorship, limitations on who may sponsor (e.g., employer, family member, citizen, legal permanent resident), commitments of financial support, and other mandates for health screening, criminal background, and national security checks In addition, employment-based programs typically require specific skill sets to be eligible, and humanitarian programs require (at a minimum) the applicant to establish credible fear of persecution.
Finally, most pathways for legal immigration have numerical caps, only allowing a certain number of immigrants in various categories and from various countries to enter the U.S. each year. These caps, designed to set immigration at a reasonable pace, also create long lines in certain countries where there are large numbers of applicants. As a result, applicants who follow the law often wait for years to have their chance to get a green card and emigrate to the U.S.
Last year, however... --->READ MORE HERE
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