Sunday, December 4, 2022

You Dirty Rats! Researchers Find COVID-19 in NYC Sewer Rodents; Rat Boss: Eric Adams Hiring Well-Paid Rodent Czar to Drive Out Pests, and other C-Virus related stories

You dirty rats! Researchers find COVID-19 in NYC sewer rodents:
New Yorkers may have a new reason to loathe rats.
Researchers investigating mysterious COVID-19 mutations found signs of the virus in the city’s massive rat population — sparking concerns the disease could jump from the vermin to humans.
A new study by scientists at the University of Missouri and the USDA identified the virus in New York City rats and also found that some species of the notoriously disease-riddled animals are susceptible to the Alpha, Delta, and Omicron variants of COVID-19.
“We were concerned that there was a possibility that we were going to find a spillover event knowing that [COVID-19] had been detected in some other animal species,” Dr. Julianna Lenoch, national coordinator of the USDA-APHIS Center and co-author of the paper, told The Post.
“Over the last two and a half years we found [the virus] moved from humans to new animal populations,” Lenoch said, pointing to white-tail deer and minks. --->READ MORE HERE
Rat boss: Eric Adams hiring well-paid rodent czar to drive out pests:
New York City is looking to hire a top-notch exterminator with a passion for the Big Apple’s rat race.
The Adams administration posted a new job listing Wednesday for a Director of Rodent Migration, a position that pays between $120,000 and $170,000 — but also requires a college degree.
Officials were also hoping the ideal candidate possessed a “general aura of badassery,” according to the tongue in cheek job listing, that also called for a bachelor’s degree.
Applicants for the “dream job” should have a “virulent vehemence for vermin” and the “drive, determination and killer instinct needed to fight the real enemy – New York City’s relentless rat population,” the posting said. --->READ MORE HERE
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