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Climate Alarmists Have Set Their Sights On A New Target — Your Dog; CNN Blames Pets for Climate Change, Demands Owners Feed Them Insects

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Climate Alarmists Have Set Their Sights On A New Target — Your Dog:
Even man’s best friend is not safe from the climate alarmism.
Not if you believe a recent CNN column opining that dogs, cats and other domestic pets are causing irreparable harm to the climate. President Harry Truman famously said that if you want a friend in Washington, you should get a dog. The eco-left feels differently.
My fellow Gen Xers will remember vividly that there were two existential threats growing up that could annihilate mankind: nuclear war and acid rain. Future decades expanded the circle of bogeymen to include ozone layer degradation, bioweapons, African killer bees, SARS, financial market collapse and finally COVID, to accompany the ongoing dire threat that human activities are hurtling the globe to losing large swaths of its population from climate catastrophes.
While the level of urgency to “save the planet” has intensified from the doom-and-gloom crowd, so has the level of craziness about how to deal with their villains. From the early warnings of “don’t shower every day,” to today’s eugenics, the cult of the “church of climate change” has become increasingly rabid. Trying to deface iconic works of art is sadly just the start, they’re also trying to deface our way of life.
Scientists — who write the papers funded by eco-idealogues with findings developed so that they can write the next paper funded by eco-idealogues — use any means necessary to scare people. Decades of the sky not falling means only a minute fraction of the public believes the hype, and therefore support extreme positions regarding population control and now, even animal control.
A few years ago, cow flatulence was going to keep the world from achieving its climate goals, so Bessie was targeted for her carbon hoofprint. --->READ MORE HERE
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CNN Blames Pets for Climate Change, Demands Owners Feed Them Insects:
The corporate technocracy has man’s best friend in its crosshairs, fingering pets as the latest villains in the climate change narrative — more useless eaters that Schwab and Co. at the World Economic Forum can target for eventual destruction.
In the meantime, until their ultimate depopulation objective is feasible, the corporate media will simply humiliate and demoralize them, as they do their human owners, with ritual shaming campaigns.
Via the liberal sadists at CNN:
Researchers have showed that pets play a significant role in the climate crisis… Their meat-heavy diet is the biggest contributor to their carbon pawprints, which requires an abundance of energy, land and water to produce. And the production of pet food emits huge amounts of planet-warming gases.
How dare mammals, human or nonhuman, breathe air and eat their natural diets! Doing basic stuff to survive is what domestic terrorists do.
Responsible pet owners should trade in their best friend for a turtle for the planet. “Snakes, turtles and reptiles can have a really low impact,” CNN suggests. --->READ MORE HERE
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