Sunday, December 25, 2022

GOP Governors to Biden: Coronavirus Emergency Designation is Costing Us Money; WTF: People Unvaccinated Against COVID-19 More Likely to Get in a Serious Car Crash, Study Shows, and other C-Virus related stories

GOP governors to Biden: Coronavirus emergency designation is costing us money:
Republican governors from half of the states told President Biden he should end the public health emergency tied to the coronavirus pandemic, saying the designation is “artificially” bloating their Medicaid rolls and costs.
In a Monday letter, 25 GOP governors pointed to Mr. Biden’s assertion in September that the “pandemic is over” even as the public health emergency nears its third year.
The governors say a continuous-enrollment requirement that keeps people enrolled in Medicaid until the end of the emergency has prevented them from kicking out persons who should no longer be eligible for the federal-state health insurance program.
Mr. Biden provided enhanced federal matching funds to take care of the ballooning Medicaid population.
Yet states also must pick up some share, and the governors said Medicaid rolls have expanded by about 20 million. --->READ MORE HERE
Jose Luis Villegas/The Sacramento Bee via AP
People unvaccinated against COVID-19 more likely to get in a serious car crash, study shows:
People who chose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 were more likely to be involved in a serious car accident, a recent study found.
Researchers in Canada looked at whether a willingness to forgo the COVID vaccine correlated with other risky behaviors, such as those who “neglect basic road safety guidelines.”
The study found that unvaccinated drivers were 72% more likely to be in a car crash where at least one person was sent to the hospital compared to accidents involving vaccinated drivers.
“One possibility relates to a distrust of government or belief in freedom that contributes to both vaccination preferences and increased traffic risks,” the study’s authors wrote. “A different explanation might be misconceptions of everyday risks, faith in natural protection, antipathy toward regulation, chronic poverty, exposure to misinformation, insufficient resources, or other personal beliefs.”
Researchers looked at a pool of over 11 million drivers in Ontario, Canada, during the summer of 2021, of which 16% (1.8 million) weren’t vaccinated. They then looked at the 6,682 crashes where people needed emergency care following the accident.
Unvaccinated patients accounted for 1,682 crashes (25% of all crashes), and researchers said they had an absolute risk — a way to measure a certain population’s chances of experiencing something when compared to the general population — of 912 per one million people. --->READ MORE HERE
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