Thursday, December 1, 2022

GOP Demands Prosecution Data from Biden Administration, Says Border Jumpers Should Face Charges; Biden’s Perversion of Immigration Parole Has Reached a New Low

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GOP demands prosecution data from Biden administration, says border jumpers should face charges:
House Republicans demanded data Monday from the Biden administration on the number of border jumpers who are being prosecuted as illegal immigrants, saying they suspect the administration has been lax in using a key tool to stem illegal immigration.
In a letter, shared first with The Washington Times, Rep. Andy Biggs, Arizona Republican, and 13 other GOP lawmakers prodded Attorney General Merrick Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to reveal how they decide which illegal immigrants to bring criminal charges against.
With a surge in illegal immigration predicted in the coming weeks, the Republicans said flexing the criminal justice system could be a way to fight back.
“Nearly 2 million illegal aliens have been processed under immigration authorities since Joe Biden took office and I suspect that most of these illegal aliens have not been prosecuted by the Biden administration given its evisceration of immigration enforcement,” Mr. Biggs told The Times in a statement.
“The Biden administration should be enforcing the immigration laws on our books instead of giving a free pass to those unlawfully entering our country,” Mr. Biggs said. “Not enforcing our immigration laws is one of the many reasons that we are experiencing a historic border crisis.” 
Homeland Security declined to comment on the letter, saying it responds directly to lawmakers. The Justice Department didn’t respond to an inquiry. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden’s Perversion of Immigration Parole Has Reached a New Low:
I have previously bemoaned the abuse of the statutory parole power by multiple administrations, both Republican and Democrat. They all succumbed to the nearly irresistible temptation to create a “shadow” Immigration and Nationality Act, totally divorced from the will of Congress, through the perversion of the quite circumscribed parole power that Congress itself had bestowed upon them. You can read about the whole sordid affair here.
But the Biden administration has now taken this practice to a new low, which my colleague Todd Bensman has just revealed in his blockbuster report, "Border Crossing for All: The Next Stage of Biden's Migration Crisis".
As Mark Krikorian, the Center for Immigration Studies’ Executive Director, has observed, the Biden administration had already settled upon a strategy of stigma removal, attempting to convert as much of the population of illegally-entering economic migrants as it could into people supposedly fleeing persecution or violence or harm of one sort or another. This could justify (at least in the administration’s own mind) the abandonment of any semblance of immigration law enforcement as a goal, replaced with, in DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ words, “safe, orderly, humane, and lawful pathways for migration.” Ancillary benefits abounded. First, the illegal aliens – sorry, prospective “asylees” – could get work authorization after they were released from detention, usually after a wait of six months. Second, if granted asylum, they would become eligible for Federal welfare – sorry, “means-tested” benefits – on a more generous basis than is available to even most legal permanent residents (LPRS), and they could themselves become LPRs after a year’s wait.
However, destigmatization was not a silver bullet for the Biden administration. First, the aliens had to get themselves across the border and into the U.S., thus committing a federal crime even if they later applied for asylum (unless entering through a port of entry). It is harder to sanitize a criminal act, though by no means impossible in this day and age. Second, few of these aliens could meet the eligibility standard for asylum (persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion), and thus few would ever apply. Third, even once the aliens were promptly released on parole following apprehension by the Border Patrol, their apprehensions would still be tabulated in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) statistics. Thus, they would contribute to the Democratic Party’s political headache caused by the Biden administration serving as master-of-ceremonies for the highest number of border apprehensions in history. --->READ MORE HERE
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