Thursday, November 3, 2022

Russian Retreat in Ukraine Exposes Collaborators—and the Finger-Pointing Begins; Ukraine's Border Guards Repel Fierce Assault in Donetsk Oblast; Ukraine Downs 44 Russian Missiles Launched at Ukraine; Explosion at Airfield in Russia: Two Helicopters Completely Destroyed, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Photograph by Manu Brabo for The Wall Street Journal
WSJ: Russian Retreat in Ukraine Exposes Collaborators—and the Finger-Pointing Begins:
Ukraine—When Russian armored columns drove into this rural community of 20,000 people on the first day of the invasion, Mayor Valeriy Prykhodko tried to count the tanks, artillery pieces and fighting vehicles that rolled past his windows.
After the first few hundred, he gave up. “It was too big for counting,” Mr. Prykhodko said. “The horror.”
Located some 35 miles from the Russian border, Shevchenkove fell without a fight the afternoon of Feb. 24. In the six months of Russian rule that followed, many locals came to believe that Moscow, with its awe-inspiring military might, would stay here forever.
Unwilling to work under Russian authority, Mr. Prykhodko tried for a time to resist orders, then fled to Ukrainian-controlled territories. But the municipality’s second-in-command, Executive Secretary Nadiya Sheluh, stayed on the job even once the Russians raised their red-blue-white flag over the building.
Mr. Prykhodko, who is now back in office, recalls being surprised and outraged. But he also acknowledged that many in Shevchenkove think his former colleague did the right thing by helping keep basic services functioning through the occupation. “Our people are split about her,” he said. “Old ladies here say they are thankful to her, that she helped them and fed them.”
Ukrainian forces came back to Shevchenkove in September, as part of their rapid offensive in the eastern Kharkiv region. Now, like other towns and villages in recently liberated parts of Ukraine, Shevchenkove is torn from within by tensions between those who escaped or opposed the Russians—and those who are viewed as having accommodated the enemy.
The delicate task of sorting out one from the other falls on investigators from the Security Service of Ukraine, or SBU, and the National Police, who are collecting evidence in recently retaken territories and in large parts of the country that remain under Moscow’s rule. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine's border guards repel fierce assault in Donetsk Oblast and replenish prisoner exchange fund:
Russian occupation forces are continuing attempts to advance on the Donetsk front, but units of Ukraine’s defence forces and of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine are deterring the Russian forces.
Source: press service for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
Details: The State Border Guard Service reported that Russian occupation forces launched an offensive on a southern front in Donetsk Oblast in the early hours on Sunday, 30 October.
First, the Russians deployed mortars and rocket and tubed artillery to carry out an artillery attack, which lasted nearly two hours.
Up to two Russian infantry platoons then stormed the positions of Ukrainian forces under the cover of armored vehicles.
Ukrainian border guards skillfully struck an enemy armored vehicle, killing its crew, while the Russian infantrymen scattered. Russian troops were forced to retreat under Ukrainian fire, leaving dead and wounded soldiers behind. --->READ MORE HERE
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