Thursday, November 3, 2022

Border Crossings Give Biden Fresh Bad News Just Weeks Before Midterm Elections; 2.4M Migrants Stopped at US Border in Record Annual High

Border crossings give Biden fresh bad news just weeks before midterm elections:
The Biden administration released bad news for Democrats just two weeks out from the midterm elections, announcing late Friday that there had been 2.4 million border crossings by illegal immigrants in fiscal 2022 — a new record.
Republicans and some border state Democrats have hammered the White House since President Joe Biden took office over surging illegal immigration, saying the situation has dissolved into chaos and drawing a sharp contrast with low numbers of crossings under the Trump administration. That point was driven home by the new Department of Homeland Security data.
The White House was put on the defensive at a bad time for Biden, who has tried to keep the focus on issues like abortion, student loans, and the dangers of "MAGA" Republicans rather than unfriendly topics like immigration and inflation.
"Over fiscal year 2022, 2.4 million encounters happened on the southern border," a reporter began in a question to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during Monday's press briefing. "Republicans have their arguments about that. What's the White House's explanation as to what happened and why?"
Jean-Pierre responded that falling regimes and economic collapse in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba are causing millions to flee those nations, which she said is impacting the entire Western Hemisphere thanks to a 245% increase in immigration from those three countries. She also accused Republicans of using the immigrants as political pawns.
But the press secretary also touted a newly announced Biden initiative to turn away Venezuelans at the southern border, noting how it successfully suppressed crossings originating from that country since being announced on Oct. 12. --->READ MORE HERE
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2.4M migrants stopped at US border in record annual high:
The US saw a record 2.4 million migrants stopped at its border with Mexico in the fiscal year that ended last month — a surge fueled by asylum seekers from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua amid deteriorating economic and political conditions in those countries.
US Customs and Border Protection announced Friday that migrants were stopped 2.38 million times in the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30.
September marked the third-highest month of border encounters under President Biden, with 227,547 stops recorded by officials.
The swell was an 11.5% increase in border stops from August and an 18.5% increase from September 2021, customs officials said.
Migrants from what the CBP calls the “three failing communist regimes” made up more than a third of the September encounters, overtaking people seeking asylum from Mexico and Central America’s Northern Triangle. --->READ MORE HERE
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