Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Overwhelmed El Paso Releases 600 Migrants Onto Streets – until Biden admin pays $7M; El Paso Shelters Almost Reach Capacity with Migrants Again as CBP Keeps Releasing Migrants; The Week Ahead: Border Agencies Continue Migrant Street Releases

Overwhelmed El Paso releases 600 migrants onto streets – until Biden admin pays $7M:
Thousands of migrants are once again overrunning El Paso, Texas, but the city says it can’t help them – until the federal government steps up to pay for the border crisis and the money it owes El Paso.
The city has become one of the nation’s most overwhelmed border crossings, processing over 6,000 migrants in some weeks and spending $8.9 million so far this year providing meals, beds and transport for asylum seekers – all of which came out of its city budget.
About 600 immigrants were released in downtown El Paso since Friday, the agency told The Post in a statement, saying it did so “after exhausting all other decompression options for the custody of migrants.”
El Paso’s deputy city manager says the Border Patrol asked the city to reopen its welcome center, but it refused.
“We’re waiting on $7 million in reimbursement and we’re going to need to see some approval or some advanced funding before we start any other operations,” said El Paso Deputy City Manager Mario D’Augostino at a city meeting Monday.
“They asked us to please set up a welcome center; we held [our] ground,” he added. “We’ve been very clear with Border Patrol, all the state and local partners that we’re not going to go operational until we get secured funding.”
He added the city has requested $3 million in emergency federal funds that, if approved, would allow the city to set up its welcome center for a month. --->READ MORE HERE
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El Paso shelters almost reach capacity with migrants again as CBP keeps releasing migrants:
Shelters in El Paso are once again filling up with migrants, just a few weeks after a policy change many thought would bring an end to the migrant crisis.
The deputy director of the Opportunity Center, John Martin said they are seeing an increase in migrants.
“We're seeing bigger numbers more now than when we did 4 or 5 weeks ago than when we had the situation with the Venezuelans,” said Martin.
Shelters in El Paso are at capacity as more migrants have been seeking shelter.
This time the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the migrants are from Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua.
CBP has released about 748 migrants since November 6 at the bus station in downtown El Paso.
CBP resumed the release of migrants since their processing center was reaching capacity.
“On those same days that were involved, we received some walk-ins,” said Martin. --->READ MORE HERE
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++++Border agencies continue migrant street releases++++++

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