Thursday, November 24, 2022

Mayorkas Tells Congress Southern Border is Secure; 1000 Venezuelans Surge into El Paso Believing Title 42 is already Over; Biden’s Deputies Will Not Appeal Judge’s Decision to Open the Border

Mayorkas tells Congress southern border is secure:
The heads of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, National Counterterrorism Center and FBI testified before Congress Tuesday about the biggest threats facing this country.
Members of the House grilled DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the security at the southern border, where data shows a record 2.38 million migrant encounters in the last fiscal year.
When asked point blank by Republican Rep. Dan Bishop if he thinks the border is secure, Mayorkas said he thinks it is.
“Yes, and we are working day in and day out to enhance its security, congressman,” Mayorkas responded.
“What I would say is that we see significant criminal threats coming from south of the border — whether it’s guns, drugs, money, violence — we see transnational criminal organizations that send their drugs and street gangs here to distribute it. And that contributes to violent crime here,” FBI director Christopher Wray said.
The hearing was the first time Mayorkas spoke publicly since U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Chris Magnus resigned on Nov. 12.
Magnus’ resignation followed reports that Mayorkas told him to either resign or be dismissed.
Under Magnus’ watch, the number of illegal crossings rose to the highest level ever recorded in a fiscal year. In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, migrants were stopped 2.38 million times, up 37% from the year before, according to newly released figures. --->READ MORE HERE
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1000 Venezuelans Surge into El Paso Believing Title 42 is Over:
According to a source within CBP, nearly 1,000 mostly Venezuelan migrants living in a makeshift encampment in Juarez surged across the border into El Paso Wednesday night. The migrants were camped out and waiting for an end to CDC Title 42 COVID-19 expulsions. The source says more than 900 are currently being held in Border Patrol processing facilities.
The source, not authorized to speak to media, told Breitbart Texas the chaos began when the migrants received word about a U.S. District Court ruling that ended the practice of expelling certain migrants under the CDC authority. Although the ruling did order the Biden Administration to abandon the practice, the same judge later amended his Tuesday order on Wednesday, granting the government’s request for a stay until December 21, 2022.
The source says the fate of the more than 900 migrants is not known as the current agreement with Mexico to receive the Venezuelan migrants under Title 42 is capped at 200 per day locally. As reported exclusively by Breitbart Texas, the agreement allows for the return of up to 1,000 Venezuelan migrants at five specific locations across the southern border, including El Paso. The source believes many in the group will achieve their goal of release. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Biden’s Deputies Will Not Appeal Judge’s Decision to Open the Border+++++

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