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INVADERS Getting Bolder and Bolder: Border Patrol agent assaulted by migrants crossing border into Texas; Illegal Migrants Wave Venezuelan Flag After Entering Texas, Attack Border Patrol

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Border Patrol agent assaulted by migrants crossing border into Texas:
A US Border Patrol agent was “pushed, dragged and punched” by two migrants he caught crossing the southern border into Texas last week, officials said.
The federal agent was responding to a report of immigrants illegally crossing into the country on Oct. 31 when he caught the two Venezuelan nationals near Ascarate Park in El Paso at around 6:45 a.m., according to the FBI’s El Paso field office.
He attempted to cuff the two men after they refused to comply to his commands, but they resisted arrest and fought back, the FBI said.
The pair, identified as 35-year-old Kevin Escalona Gonzalez and 27-year-old Yuleixy Mata Fuentes, physically assaulted the agent to avoid arrest, according to the agency.
The officer was eventually able to regain control of the men and arrested them without further incident. --->READ MORE HERE
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Illegal migrants wave Venezuelan flag after entering Texas, attack Border Patrol:
Dramatic new video has emerged of a violent confrontation between migrants and US authorities along the Mexican border in El Paso, Texas — where the feds fired pepper balls after one officer was struck by a rock and another assaulted with a flagpole.
The footage captured by the El Paso Times shows Border Patrol agents approaching the group — which included a man holding a massive Venezuelan flag – crossing the Rio Grande illegally on Monday.
The federal agents are seen forming a line along the border to push the marauding group back to Mexico as one migrant jabs the flagpole at the agents.
Border Patrol spokesperson Landon Hutchens said that as the group of Venezuelan nationals protested along the river, they tried to enter the US illegally.
“One of the protesters assaulted an agent with a flagpole,” Hutchens said in a statement. “A second subject threw a rock causing injury to an agent at which time agents responded by initiating crowd control measures.”
Those measures included firing “less-lethal force” pepper balls, which release an irritant to the eyes, nose and throat, he said, adding that the crowd then dispersed and returned to Mexico about 1:20 p.m. ET. --->READ MORE HERE
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